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STI column type not being filled

While using Ruby on Jets I defined a superclass: class Transfer < ActiveRecord::Base; end and it's subclasses: class Transfers::External < Transfer; end class Transfers::Internal < Transfer;...
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Ruby on Jets issue while deploy

So I started to play with Ruby on Jets, a relatively new serverless framework for ruby and AWS, everything worked good on my local env, but once I started to deploy, I received an error on ...
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ArgumentError (hour out of range) in ActiveRecord

I have a problem with a legacy MySQL database that I'm not able to solve. I believe the culprit is that one of the fields has the wrong type set (it contains time in milliseconds, which the adapter ...
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Can't use DynamoDB GSI

I write in Ruby On Jets and use Dynomite to work with DynamoDB. And I have a problem with GSI. I have a table that has 3 fields: display, value, title_hilight. I need to use search across all three ...
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Local development, events and ruby on jets

I'm trying out ruby on jets since we'd like to reuse rails code but we are deploying on AWS lately. We'd like to have a smooth offline development experience such as the one provided by Serverless. ...
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Jets and RDS: Security model

I'm interested in better securing the RDS instances that Lambda accessing with Jets. I watched the introductory tutorial that is provided for jets, and two things stuck out to me: A database ...
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How to do in Ruby on Jets if a new column is added to database table

We need to alter table by adding a new column, in Ruby on Jets, what should be done? on database side, we can add column manually. how about Ruby on Jets files? Thanks George
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