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rustfmt is a program used for formatting Rust programs.

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In rust and cargo, is it possible to apply rustfmt on doctest code?

Here is an example: //! //! example: //! //!``` //! //! use nalgebra::{Quaternion, UnitQuaternion, Vector3}; //! // use crate::naive_cf::NaiveCF; //! //! let acc = Vector3::new(3.64637947,...
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Is there a tool to convert original trait bounds to where clauses?

Is there a tool that can convert original trait bounds like this: fn foo<V: Debug>(value: V) { // ... } to the "newer" (2014) where clause: fn foo<V>(value: V) where V: ...
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How can one make rustfmt allow iterator adapaters on separate lines?

In the rust rust book, the section on improving with iterators demonstrates putting iterator adapaters on a separate line like so: pub fn search<'a>(query: &str, contents: &'a str) -> ...
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Does Rustfmt have an option to make types explicit?

Some IDEs can help with type visualization. Here is an example from VS Code (a slightly modified example from the The Rust Programming Language book): But other viewers (for instance, used in PR ...
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Pretty printing data structures in a more compact format?

I'm exploring ways that I can nicely format const tables of data to be more compact and easier to read. For example, I have [[u64; 64]; 2] where rustfmt just spaghettifies into hundreds of lines. It ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Rust fmt configuration for vertical chaining

The following is what I desire to format to: async fn main() { let req = reqwest::get("") .await .expect("Failed to get weather data") ...
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Why do I get 'unstable features are only available in nightly channel' when running rustfmt?

I have just updated my Rust to rustc 1.63.0 (4b91a6ea7 2022-08-08) In my .rustfmt.toml file # Basic hard_tabs = true max_width = 100 use_small_heuristics = "Max" # Imports ...
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Format multi-line string literal arguments without extra lines

I would like to call macros with a single multi-line string argument, formatted like so: css!(r" background: grey; color: white; "); However, Rustfmt insists on putting the string ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How can I auto-format Rust (and C++) code on commit automatically?

I would like to automatically format the code when I do commit using rustfmt the same way as I did it before for clang-format -i. I.e. format only the lines of code which has been updated in the ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to use rustfmt to format just the imports?

I've been messing around with nightly rustfmt and all its options (so many more than the stable version). So, just out of curiosity: if I want to use rustfmt only to format my imports (the use ...
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1 answer

How to configure rustfmt in the bazel rule_rust?

I noticed bazel doesn't pick up rustfmt.toml from the project/target folder. What is the way to edit fmt parameters for bazel build?
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1 answer

Control macro usage formatting in Rustfmt

I want to write a simple call to assert! like this assert!(idents.len() == 1, "Multi-part table references not supported"); But this keeps getting formatted to: assert!( ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Use nightly rustfmt with stable compiler in CLion

I am running into an unexpected issue when it comes to toolchains in CLion. I want to use the stable channel for the compiler while using the nightly for rustfmt. The reason is that I want to use ...
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8 votes
2 answers

VSCode Rust add semicolon on save

I am using the Rust extension on vscode and NOT rust-analyzer. However, when I am saving a file, vscode is using rustfmt to format my file but it doesn't automatically insert semicolons. I have a ...
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38 votes
2 answers

How can I switch off rustfmt for a region of code instead of a single item?

#[rustfmt::skip] allows you to skip a "block" of code while formatting, but this requires putting skip on each {} instead of Clang-style on/off Consider this code: fn add(a : i32, b : i32) -&...
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5 answers

How to pretty print Syn AST?

I'm trying to use syn to create an AST from a Rust file and then using quote to write it to another. However, when I write it, it puts extra spaces between everything. Note that the example below is ...
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1 answer

Unknown configuration option `group_imports` for rustfmt

I have a rustfmt.toml file with the line group_imports = "StdExternalCrate" in it, which according to the documentation should be a valid option. However, I get the following warning: ...
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2 votes
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Is there a way to prevent formatting of else { trivial expression } [closed]

I often have code like if condition { // code that deserves to // be formatted as block } else { None } // or some other trivial expression Now, is there a ...
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Providing location to Cargo.toml for fmt pre-commit hook

I have repository that has both Python and Rust code inside. In the root of the repository I have .pre-commit-config.yaml with: - repo: rev: ...
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How can I format a string like this?

static TEST: &str = "test: {}"; fn main() { let string = format!(TEST, "OK"); println!("{}", string); } I want to construct the string "test: OK", but this doesn't work. How can I do it?
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9 votes
2 answers

Execute rustfmt on file save in IntelliJ or CLion

How do I run rustfmt automatically when I save a file in IntelliJ or CLion?
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20 votes
2 answers

Is there a stable way to tell Rustfmt to skip an entire file

The official way to get Rustfmt to skip an item is #[rustfmt::skip], however I want it to skip an entire file. I tried this: #![rustfmt::skip] However you get this error error[E0658]: non-builtin ...
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