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TEXT entry control takes char as numeric SAS/AF

I am new to SAS/AF and SCL , i am trying to build Simple applications while learning, however when I enter a code in SCL with works fine with the Version 6 Objects but not for the latest components. ...
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Exporting an SCL class definition to external file

As part of a redevelopment project I am looking to extract all source code for a legacy SCL application. Following Richard DeVenezia's excellent tip I have successfully been able to export all SCL ...
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How to dynamically create Scl variables in sas scl

I'm searching for a solution to a problem several programmers struggle with but I can't find any solution on the Internet. Here it is: Starting with a SAS table containing name/value pairs. Example: ...
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Create calendar with SAS/AF

I'm new here so sorry if I'm missing something... I'd like some help concerning SAS/AF, I'm looking to create a dynamic calendar, which means days are automatically displayed when the user goes ...
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Compiling SAS SCL code programmatically

Is there a programmatic way of compiling SAS 9.1.3 SCL code (N.B. not ordinary SAS code) in Windows? The only way I have found of doing it involves using the SAS GUI: we have a Perl script which sends ...
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