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Scanamo is a Scala library to make using DynamoDB with Scala simpler and less error-prone

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Scanamo Paginated Query Issues

Need example of a method to create paginated query on dynamoDb using scala's, Scanamo library I am trying to create to create a method which performs paginated queries on dynamodb table using a query ...
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How setup dependency in sbt library for version like `1.0.0-M10` and above

I want write library, which should work with artifact "org" %% "scanamo" version 1.0.0-M10 and above, eg 1.0.0-M11, 1.0.0-RC1, 1.0.1. But version should select library's user. I tired "org" %% "...
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Catching scanamo errors within scala

I'm using scanamo to query a dynamodb table. I want to create a healthcheck method that will return true as long as dynamo can be scanned (i don't care if there are records in the table, i just want ...
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DynamoDB / Scanamo : The provided key element does not match the schema

I've been trying to use DynamoDB through the Scanamo library. My scala code looks like this: package my.package import com.amazonaws.ClientConfiguration import com.amazonaws.regions.{Region, ...
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Stack overflow in typeclass with implicit conversion

I made a generic DynamoFormat for Scanamo that would put any object that has Circe's Encoder and Decoder defined into database as a Json string. import import io.circe....
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