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SciPy is an open source library of algorithms and mathematical tools for the Python programming language.

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14 answers

How do I read CSV data into a record array in NumPy?

Is there a direct way to import the contents of a CSV file into a record array, just like how R's read.table(), read.delim(), and read.csv() import data into R dataframes? Or should I use csv.reader() ...
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16 answers

Read .mat files in Python

Is it possible to read binary MATLAB .mat files in Python? I've seen that SciPy has alleged support for reading .mat files, but I'm unsuccessful with it. I installed SciPy version 0.7.0, and I can't ...
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16 answers

Sorting arrays in NumPy by column

How do I sort a NumPy array by its nth column? For example, given: a = array([[9, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6], [7, 0, 5]]) I want to sort the rows of a by the second column to obtain: ...
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316 votes
27 answers

Error "Import Error: No module named numpy" on Windows

I have a very similar question to this question, but I am still one step behind. I have only one version of Python 3 installed on my Windows 7 (sorry) 64-bit system. I installed NumPy following this ...
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10 answers

Does Conda replace the need for virtualenv?

I recently discovered Conda after I was having trouble installing SciPy, specifically on a Heroku app that I am developing. With Conda you create environments, very similar to what virtualenv does. ...
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30 answers

Moving average or running mean

Is there a SciPy function or NumPy function or module for Python that calculates the running mean of a 1D array given a specific window?
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12 answers

How to smooth a curve in the right way?

Lets assume we have a dataset which might be given approximately by import numpy as np x = np.linspace(0,2*np.pi,100) y = np.sin(x) + np.random.random(100) * 0.2 Therefore we have a variation of 20% ...
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8 answers

Relationship between SciPy and NumPy

SciPy appears to provide most (but not all [1]) of NumPy's functions in its own namespace. In other words, if there's a function named, there's almost certainly a Most of the time,...
254 votes
14 answers

Is there a library function for Root mean square error (RMSE) in python?

I know I could implement a root mean squared error function like this: def rmse(predictions, targets): return np.sqrt(((predictions - targets) ** 2).mean()) What I'm looking for if this rmse ...
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7 answers

How to add a new row to an empty numpy array

Using standard Python arrays, I can do the following: arr = [] arr.append([1,2,3]) arr.append([4,5,6]) # arr is now [[1,2,3],[4,5,6]] However, I cannot do the same thing in numpy. For example: arr =...
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7 answers

How to do exponential and logarithmic curve fitting in Python? I found only polynomial fitting

I have a set of data and I want to compare which line describes it best (polynomials of different orders, exponential or logarithmic). I use Python and Numpy and for polynomial fitting there is a ...
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222 votes
19 answers

Calculating Pearson correlation and significance in Python

I am looking for a function that takes as input two lists, and returns the Pearson correlation, and the significance of the correlation.
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8 answers

How to normalize a NumPy array to within a certain range?

After doing some processing on an audio or image array, it needs to be normalized within a range before it can be written back to a file. This can be done like so: # Normalize audio channels to ...
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211 votes
15 answers

Installing SciPy with pip

It is possible to install NumPy with pip using pip install numpy. Is there a similar possibility with SciPy? (Doing pip install scipy does not work.) Update The package SciPy is now available to ...
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206 votes
3 answers

What are the differences between Pandas and NumPy+SciPy in Python? [closed]

They both seem exceedingly similar and I'm curious as to which package would be more beneficial for financial data analysis.
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191 votes
13 answers

Fitting empirical distribution to theoretical ones with Scipy (Python)?

INTRODUCTION: I have a list of more than 30,000 integer values ranging from 0 to 47, inclusive, e.g.[0,0,0,0,..,1,1,1,1,...,2,2,2,2,...,47,47,47,...] sampled from some continuous distribution. The ...
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30 answers

ERROR: Could not build wheels for scipy which use PEP 517 and cannot be installed directly

I'm trying to install scipy via pip on my 64 bit ARMV8 board. I have already installed openblas which is required by scipy. So, no issues with that. When i gave pip3 install scipy --trusted-host pypi....
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10 answers

Numpy Resize/Rescale Image

I would like to take an image and change the scale of the image, while it is a numpy array. For example I have this image of a coca-cola bottle: bottle-1 Which translates to a numpy array of shape (...
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How do I use numpy.where()? What should I pass, and what does the result mean? [closed]

I tried reading the documentation for numpy.where(), but I'm still confused. What should I pass for the condition, x and y values? When I pass only condition, what does the result mean and how can I ...
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184 votes
7 answers

Does Python SciPy need BLAS?

numpy.distutils.system_info.BlasNotFoundError: Blas ( libraries not found. Directories to search for the libraries can be specified in the numpy/distutils/site....
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10 answers

Peak-finding algorithm for Python/SciPy

I can write something myself by finding zero-crossings of the first derivative or something, but it seems like a common-enough function to be included in standard libraries. Anyone know of one? My ...
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183 votes
6 answers

Numpy: Divide each row by a vector element

Suppose I have a numpy array: data = np.array([[1,1,1],[2,2,2],[3,3,3]]) and I have a corresponding "vector:" vector = np.array([1,2,3]) How do I operate on data along each row to either subtract ...
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180 votes
6 answers

Compute a confidence interval from sample data

I have sample data which I would like to compute a confidence interval for, assuming a normal distribution. I have found and installed the numpy and scipy packages and have gotten numpy to return a ...
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179 votes
18 answers

scipy.misc module has no attribute imread?

I am trying to read an image with scipy. However it does not accept the scipy.misc.imread part. What could be the cause of this? >>> import scipy >>> scipy.misc <module 'scipy....
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2 answers

A tool to convert MATLAB code to Python [closed]

I have a bunch of MATLAB code from my MS thesis which I now want to convert to Python (using numpy/scipy and matplotlib) and distribute as open-source. I know the similarity between MATLAB and Python ...
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169 votes
3 answers

Should I use scipy.pi, numpy.pi, or math.pi?

In a project using SciPy and NumPy, should I use scipy.pi, numpy.pi, or math.pi?
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161 votes
8 answers

Installing SciPy and NumPy using pip

I'm trying to create required libraries in a package I'm distributing. It requires both the SciPy and NumPy libraries. While developing, I installed both using apt-get install scipy which installed ...
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6 answers

How to create a density plot

In R I can create the desired output by doing: data = c(rep(1.5, 7), rep(2.5, 2), rep(3.5, 8), rep(4.5, 3), rep(5.5, 1), rep(6.5, 8)) plot(density(data, bw=0.5)) In python (with matplotlib)...
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15 answers

Multiple linear regression in Python

I can't seem to find any python libraries that do multiple regression. The only things I find only do simple regression. I need to regress my dependent variable (y) against several independent ...
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148 votes
3 answers

Confusion between numpy, scipy, matplotlib and pylab

Numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and pylab are common terms among they who use python for scientific computation. I just learn a bit about pylab, and I got confused. Whenever I want to import numpy, I can ...
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141 votes
6 answers

binning data in python with scipy/numpy

is there a more efficient way to take an average of an array in prespecified bins? for example, i have an array of numbers and an array corresponding to bin start and end positions in that array, and ...
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138 votes
5 answers

How to check BLAS/LAPACK linkage in NumPy and SciPy?

I am builing my numpy/scipy environment based on blas and lapack more or less based on this walk through. When I am done, how can I check, that my numpy/scipy functions really do use the previously ...
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136 votes
20 answers

Can't install Scipy through pip

When installing scipy through pip with : pip install scipy Pip fails to build scipy and throws the following error: Cleaning up... Command /Users/administrator/dev/KaggleAux/env/bin/python2.7 -c "...
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136 votes
8 answers

How to calculate cumulative normal distribution?

I am looking for a function in Numpy or Scipy (or any rigorous Python library) that will give me the cumulative normal distribution function in Python.
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131 votes
13 answers

ImportError in importing from sklearn: cannot import name check_build

I am getting the following error while trying to import from sklearn: >>> from sklearn import svm Traceback (most recent call last): File "<pyshell#17>", line 1, in <module> ...
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130 votes
7 answers

Plotting a fast Fourier transform in Python

I have access to NumPy and SciPy and want to create a simple FFT of a data set. I have two lists, one that is y values and the other is timestamps for those y values. What is the simplest way to feed ...
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125 votes
3 answers

How to get the indices list of all NaN value in numpy array?

Say now I have a numpy array which is defined as, [[1,2,3,4], [2,3,NaN,5], [NaN,5,2,3]] Now I want to have a list that contains all the indices of the missing values, which is [(1,2),(2,0)] at this ...
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10 answers

How to calculate probability in a normal distribution given mean & standard deviation?

How to calculate probability in normal distribution given mean, std in Python? I can always explicitly code my own function according to the definition like the OP in this question did: Calculating ...
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121 votes
7 answers

Histogram Matplotlib

So I have a little problem. I have a data set in scipy that is already in the histogram format, so I have the center of the bins and the number of events per bin. How can I now plot is as a histogram. ...
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1 answer

How can I perform two-dimensional interpolation using scipy?

This Q&A is intended as a canonical(-ish) concerning two-dimensional (and multi-dimensional) interpolation using scipy. There are often questions concerning the basic syntax of various ...
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115 votes
11 answers

Principal component analysis in Python

I'd like to use principal component analysis (PCA) for dimensionality reduction. Does numpy or scipy already have it, or do I have to roll my own using numpy.linalg.eigh? I don't just want to use ...
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113 votes
17 answers

ImportError: No module named scipy

I am using Python 2.7 and trying to get PyBrain to work. But I get this error even though scipy is installed - Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> ...
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13 answers

scipy: savefig without frames, axes, only content

In numpy/scipy I have an image stored in an array. I can display it, I want to save it using savefig without any borders, axes, labels, titles,... Just pure image, nothing else. I want to avoid ...
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111 votes
9 answers

Quantile-Quantile Plot using SciPy

How would you create a qq-plot using Python? Assuming that you have a large set of measurements and are using some plotting function that takes XY-values as input. The function should plot the ...
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110 votes
3 answers

Two-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test in Python Scipy

I can't figure out how to do a Two-sample KS test in Scipy. After reading the documentation of scipy kstest, I can see how to test whether a distribution is identical to standard normal distribution ...
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4 answers

How to transform numpy.matrix or array to scipy sparse matrix

For SciPy sparse matrix, one can use todense() or toarray() to transform to NumPy matrix or array. What are the functions to do the inverse? I searched, but got no idea what keywords should be the ...
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3 answers

How to implement band-pass Butterworth filter with Scipy.signal.butter

UPDATE: I found a Scipy Recipe based in this question! So, for anyone interested, go straight to: Contents » Signal processing » Butterworth Bandpass I'm having a hard time to achieve what seemed ...
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3 answers

How to calculate the inverse of the normal cumulative distribution function in python?

How do I calculate the inverse of the cumulative distribution function (CDF) of the normal distribution in Python? Which library should I use? Possibly scipy?
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1 answer

Creating lowpass filter in SciPy - understanding methods and units

I am trying to filter a noisy heart rate signal with python. Because heart rates should never be above about 220 beats per minute, I want to filter out all noise above 220 bpm. I converted 220/minute ...
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103 votes
8 answers

How to delete columns in numpy.array

I would like to delete selected columns in a numpy.array . This is what I do: n [397]: a = array([[ NaN, 2., 3., NaN], .....: [ 1., 2., 3., 9]]) In [398]: print a [[ NaN 2. 3. ...
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