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How do I stay ahead with the latest WebDriver version on Selenium

Since the browser update yesterday my test won't start and I get the message: There was an error creating WebDriver object for Chrome I use Selenium Jupiter with the @TestTemplate and my browsers....
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How to prevent SeleniumJupiter from quit the driver?

Selenium Jupiter run driver.quit() automatically after every test. But in some cases I would like to look at the browser after the test manually. In Selenium it's easy, don't call driver.quit(). But ...
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Selenium-jupiter - passing timeout in browsers.json

I am trying to write selenium tests using Selenium-Jupiter. My team has decided to go with @TestTemplate approach and to use browsers.json. One thing we feel we need to do is alter the default ...
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How can selenium-jupiter be used with Karate to automatically use the WebDriver matching the currently installed Chrome/Firefox etc.? [duplicate]

Background Selenium-Jupiter is a JUnit 5 extension aimed to ease the use of Selenium WebDriver by downloading and caching the WebDriver binaries required for each test, depending on which locally ...
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What would be the best approach to overwrite multiple SeleniumJupiter configuration parameters?

As part of my test base class, I have something like this: seleniumJupiter.getConfig().setDefaultBrowser(BROWSER.getStringValue()); seleniumJupiter.getConfig().setScreenshotAtTheEndOfTests("...
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Gitlab CI ParameterResolutionException Failed to resolve parameter

I have test case that works fine in my local eclipse environment. @Test @Order(1) void testTitle(@Arguments("--headless") ChromeDriver driver) { driver.get("")...
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How can I get container ID in order to execute command in docker container?

I only seem able to use getContainerId(WebDriver) during the first test. Every subsequent test returns empty e.g. getContainerId(SelenideDriver.getWebdriver) Ideally I need to be able to execute ...
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Selenium-Jupiter generic webdriver settings not applied

I want to use Selenium-Jupiter in my Spring Boot Project but my requirement is to switch the WebDriver implementation at runtime - based on the execution environment - using one common base class for ...
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Standard approach for multi browser test execution in Selenium Jupiter

I went through Selenium Jupiter manual and still cannot get the idea of how I can set multiple browsers in Selenium Jupiter to run every test in every browser. Should use Test Template for that ...
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How to configure Selenide remote grid url in Selenium-Jupiter test framework?

I am trying to configure a Selenide driver within the Selenium-Jupiter framework, to use my remote grid url but it keeps ignoring the configuration, and just runs the local installed browser. Here ...
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selenium-jupiter - Unable to find screenshot file

When I tried to run the below command with JUnit 5 mvn clean install -DskipTests && mvn clean test -pl=test-insight -Dtest="com.myproject.automation.test.settings.**"
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How to set browser arguments conditionally (Selenium-Jupiter specific)

I have tried so many things to set the proxy in a chrome-in-docker browser. I finally found something that works, but it isn't the best solution. @BeforeEach public void beforeEach(@Arguments("--...
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How can I run Grid up and running

Is it possible to run the hub and nodes in Selenium Grid through Java/Selenium code? In an example provided by @Boni Garcia, there is GridLauncherV3 but this is not working with Selenium-jupiter ...
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How to programmatically configure WebDriver in base class in Selenium Jupiter?

I want to migrate existing Selenium-Tests based on JUnit 4 to JUnit 5. For this purpose, I want to make use of Selenium-Jupiter. One requirement, that the tests must fulfill is, to be able to switch ...
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selenium-jupiter - How to set Firefox and Chrome options

I need to run the same selenium tests with Firefox and Chrome, but I also need to set different options for them. Is that possible? Running the same tests with both browsers is clearly possible, as ...
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Combine @TestTemplate with @ParameterizedTest?

How can we use Selenium-Jupiter's @TestTemplate (to have it run with different browsers: ) to combine it with @ParameterizedTest (for data-...
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selenium-jupiter - Connecto to seleniumGrid for testTemplates

Is it possible to combine the annotation @TestTemplate with the @DriverUrl so that I can run the tests on my Selenium Grid? Thanks Christian
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Junit 5 - No ParameterResolver registered for parameter

I can write up and execute Selenium script without any special test framework but I wanted to use Junit 5 (because we have dependency with other tools) and I have never seen such error org.junit....
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How to use different webdrivers based on environment

I use selenium-jupiter. I am getting a webdriver from method arguments like this: @Test public void testWithChrome(ChromeDriver chromeDriver) { chromeDriver.get("someUrlHere"); } Now I ...
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2.1.0 requires minimum docker version?

I'm trying to evaluate Selenium-Jupiter, but get different problems, behavior depending on what version I use. I'm using gradle 4.6 and > docker version | grep API API version: 1.24 API ...
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How to pass gradle systemProperties JUnit5 tests?

I am using gradle 3.5 and Unit 5 (jupiter). I wish to pass System property to my tests, in order to configure the test I am running the test using this command gradle test -Denv=envFile1 Here is ...
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