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Sencha fashion is the SCSS-to-CSS compiler used for ExtJS6

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SCSS compilation in ExtReact project

We use webpack to compile some sass file into CSS hier is fragment of SASS file: .#{$prefix}title { color: $title-color; } Which is compiled into following CSS: .x-titlebar .x-title { color: #...
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How to generate "css-vars.js" in Sencha ExtJS 6.2

I generated a new Sencha ExtJS 6.2.1 project using the command: sencha -sdk "c:\Program Files\ext-6.2.1" generate app MyTest1 c:\MyTest1 Then, I generated a new theme: sencha generate theme theme-...
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Use Sencha Fashion to generate new theme without the javascript source code

I have a Cmd-generated 6.0.2 application that is running at about 200 customers on-premise servers. I would like to allow the customers to select a base color and a text color, (e.g. #c0ffee and #...
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Compass inline-image syntax/configuration

I add the following block to myapp.scss: .resourceType2 { background: url('../resources/ressource2.png') no-repeat 2px 1px; padding-left: 16px; } After I call sencha app build production ...
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