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Shareware is a program which gives partial functionality or access away for free to encourage the purchase of a license to unlock the full content.

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Reverse Engineer contents of a Binary File?

I am creating a binary file for registered users of my application. The user already knows what information is stored in the file because he is providing me with that information while registering. ...
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How do you call software that is not shareware but not totally free either? [closed]

For example, Sublime Text 2. It's free but, time after time, not too often though, it pops up a dialog asking to purchase the bugging-free version. Is there a name for this type of software ...
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Counting the number of client installations

I am developing shareware and I am interested in knowing how many times my products has been installed on users machines. I am not looking for security or license questions but I am just interested in ...
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How to convert a registered version of an application back to a trial version when it is copied to another computer?

I would like to include some type of copy protection scheme on my applications that would make a retail registered version of my software revert back to a trial version of my software if/when it gets ...
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Time limited Shareware

I'm thinking about making a time limited full version of my App, so users can try it for example 7 days. Is there a recommended Obj-C library?
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Should I change my License Key output from pure md5 output to a common "XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ" type code?

I'm creating a simple license key system to "keep honest people honest". I don't care about especially stringent cryptography. If they get to annoyed with the demo limitations, they go to my ...
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Phone-home for licence checking considered evil [closed]

Phoning home to enforce a user licence is considered by many to be "evil". But for my web-dependent Windows application it seems like the perfect method of enforcing a single-user, multi-workstation ...
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Trial version grace period [closed]

How should I implement a full-featured grace period or N-uses scheme to maximise sales of my small $5 social network Windows application, while encouraging continued use of a limited version by users ...
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Shareware application packed using innosetup, installed in different directories creates 2 different set of application

I have created an shareware application using visual studio 2008 for windows desktop, and packaged it using innosetup 5.3.8. The problem is when i have installed the application in C:\Program ...
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How to create a trial version of a Java program [closed]

I'm coding a software on java and i almost finished, i would like to know how can we create a trial version which work for example for 30 days, because i will to send it to some companies so how to ...
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How to set up a trial for a dynamic link library?

I'm developing a shareware sdk-like library (using C++). The library is a simple dll provides some functions. So, my first question is what types of trials are possible for simple dll? I don't want to ...
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How to include advertising in an application? [closed]

Are there any services that allow you to place advertising in Windows software? I want to give away my software for free but still need to eat!
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Open Source and Free 30-day Trial? [closed]

Can it be open source and not free? Why open source not free software? i saw a book about this and i thought i check it out. Logo says "Open Source Business Intelligence". There are better known ...
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Creating a nag screen for a Cocoa app

I'm creating a shareware Cocoa app and I wanted to know what is the best way to put in a "nag screen". Basically before the main window of the app shows, I want to have a window with some text, a ...
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Steps to publish Software to be purchased via Registration

I'm about to get finished developing a windows application which I want to release as shareware. It was developed in C# and will be running on .Net 3.5+ machines. To use it the user will have to be ...
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Best way to limit a trial version? [closed]

I'm building a shareware software that allows users to import various types of files (XML, CSV, etc.) into a database. I'd like to provide a trial version, but limit it in some way to prevent users ...
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Registration for Cocoa shareware

What is the best way to protect a Cocoa shareware application from software piracy? Are there developer libraries/tools out there for this task?
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Foolproof trial strategy

I know there is already present similar questions on SO. But my question is more theoretical. I'm wondering, is it possible to design a foolproof trial system? By foolproof I mean such a system which ...
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Best Shareware lock for Delphi Win32 [closed]

Same intro as my last question: I am re-writing and/or consolidating a bunch of my "app framework" classes (basic mainform, about box, locking routines & purchase linking, auto-update, datamodule ...
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How to make a shareware program with a free demo [closed]

I have a game that I'd like to sell with the following system: give away a demo (say, with the first few levels) and sell the full version. I'd like to make the transition to the full version as ...
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shareware enforcement vs time machine

Problem: Customer X is (considering) porting one of his formerly "Windows only" shareware applications to Mac OS X. One of his concerns is how to enforce the 30-day trial period and make it immune to "...
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Need Advice on Implementing a Time-limited Trial

I'm developing a shareware desktop application. I'm to the point where I need to implement the trial-use/activation code. How do you approach something like this? I have my own ideas, but I want to ...
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Incorporating shareware restrictions in C++ software

I wish to implement my software on a shareware basis, so that the user is given a maximum trial period of (say) 30 days with which to try out the software. On purchase I intend the user to be given a ...
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Platform for ad-supported shareware [closed]

Folks, I'm working on a little piece of rich client software that I'd like to distribute for free. That is, I'd still like to make money on it, but I'd like the revenue to come from advertising. Do ...
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Marketing Software Online [closed]

What are some resources in use for marketing downloadable desktop software online? AdWords, certainly, and "organic" search engine results but is anyone having any luck making sales through sites like ...
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