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Fly was renamed to Flutter. Sky is an experimental, high-performance UI framework for mobile apps. Sky helps you create apps with beautiful user interfaces and high-quality interactive design that run smoothly at 120 Hz.

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How can I animate a procedural sky in Godot without the stutters?

I know that generating a sky is very resource-intensive. Every time I change the "time of day" so to say, the game stutters for like 1/4 of a second. Can I make the sky be generated in a ...
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Is H3 adequate for generic sphere tilling?

Is it possible to use the H3 grid system for celestial tilling? I want to use the (alpha, delta)=(right ascension, declinaison) coordinate system (equatorial coordinate system) to assign a point/...
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A-sky a-frame rounded borders

I'm setting an a-sky element with an image 360: <a-sky id="sky_salon_izq" src="#salon_izq"></a-sky> The img show cool in normal mode: normal mode img But i have problems when enter in ...
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Aframe changing sky every interval

I try that my aframe-sky-component changes his image every 3sec but it´s not working. Here what i coded so far: <script type = "text/javascript"> function startTimer(){ setInterval(...
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Cannot fit er-example-server to TelosB [closed]

I am trying to make 2 motes connect via a border-router, using the contiki 3 examples. I compiled er-example-client but it does not fit on my Crossbow TelosB mote. It comes up with error message: ...
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Handle GIO pin interrupt of TelosB with Contiki-OS [closed]

I am trying to read an external button interrupt in Telosb. I am using GIO2 to read the interrupt, and it works quite nice with polling techniques, but I am looking something closer to an actual ...
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