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Questions tagged [soft-hyphen]

a soft hyphen or syllable hyphen, abbreviated SHY, is a code point reserved in some coded character sets for the purpose of breaking words across lines by inserting visible hyphens.

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Symfony Translations: Soft hyphens (­) in messages yaml file?

I'm wondering how I can have soft hyphens (­) in a messages yaml file in Symfony? I'd like to have something like this: headline-first: Banana­republic Thanks!
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When using soft hyphen, break between words if possible [duplicate]

p { background-color: #cfe8ff; } .short { width: 80px; } .very-short { width: 50px; } <p>Stack Over&shy;flow</p> <p class="short">Stack Over&shy;flow</p> <p ...
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Python selenium get rid of hyphens and other special html characters

I scrape websites with selenium and put then the content in pandas to easily use it. My only problem is that when I use the .text function on a selenium webelement, all the special html characters are ...
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Cypress assert text while ignoring soft hyphens

I'm trying to E2E test a web application using cypress/cucumber. The page I'm testing has a H1 title I want to check the contents of. Normally I would use something like cy.get('H1').should('contain....
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Solr. DIH. Delete Discretionary Hyphen (soft-hyphen) in PDF

I have a problem with PDF. I'm using solr 8.11.1. I create an index from PDF files using DIH. Everything works well. But PDF contains Discretionary Hyphen (soft-hyphen). The PDF was created in ...
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In iOS 15, Soft hyphen is not working properly when using unicode character in UILabel

In iOS 15 soft hyphens (\u{00AD}) are not considered when setting text on UILabel. for example: The following code does render the text with the soft hyphen correctly in iOS 13 & 14, but not in ...
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XPath text/replace to find text which may contain soft-hyphen

Searching for a text: Bescheinigungen my XPath should also return elements which include a soft-hyphen like: Beschei\u00ADnigungen. I tried this: //*[text()[replace(., "\u00AD", "")...
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Issues on Mobile Safari Browsers with &shy;

Picture: How &shy; adds a hyphen in safari vs chrome The problem is the extra hyphen after the period in the red square on safari side. There seems to be a problem with the usage of &shy; in ...
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Why does IndexOf Soft hyphen returns 0 as a string? [duplicate]

If you call IndexOf with the soft hyphen character as parameter, it will work as expected: "aaa".IndexOf(Convert.ToChar(173)) // return -1 "aaa\u00AD".IndexOf(Convert.ToChar(173)) // return 3 ...
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How to implement soft hyphen in Android w/ React Native Text

<Text> Aufmerksamkeits{'\u00AD'}defizit </Text> This leads iOS to Aufmerksamkeits- defizit But on Android to Aufmerksamkeitsd efizit So it seems that Android ignores the given soft ...
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TextView hyphenation below API 23

In API 23 TextView hyphenates text correctly: longwooord\u00AD1231232131 is correctly split from the \u00AD char resulting in longwooord- and 1231232131 on the next line. However for API 21 \u00AD is ...
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What is normal HTML line break behavior?

I am looking for a list of caracters and elements that may break HTML lines such as whitespaces but I can't find any page on the Internet with a definition of what is the normal HTML line break ...
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Possible to control &shy; appearance?

I've discovered that there are different ways the soft hyphen can break up a word, depending on the width of the word wrapper. The JSFiddle example shows this clearly. The first two words (in the ...
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Add soft hyphens in a CMS: getting it to work in Chrome

&shy; is awesome, especially because it works in all popular browsers. You put it in the middle of a word, which tells the browser that the word may be broken in that place. If it does get broken ...
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Can't see Soft Hyphens on Ubuntu 14.04 when using Eclipse/Sublime Text/etc

A few days ago I've been suffering a serious issue with a Soft Hyphen hidden in my Java code in a variable name and a column name of the Entity. My OS is Ubuntu 14.04 and the only way of seeing them ...
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display/make soft hyphen visible in html

The font I'm using have soft hyphen as a very common character in my written language and I'm required to use it for many reasons, but html for various reason I have read make them invisible which ...
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Why the word "Com&shy;ment" is rendered as is in Chrome? No soft hyphen

I have an html snippet: <label class="col-xs-2 col-lg-2 control-label" for="param_comment">Com&shy;ment</label> and it renders as: Com&shy;ment in Chrome v.29 I expected: ...
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How to hide a soft hyphen (&shy;) in HTML / CSS

I am trying to word-wrap an email address within a div, where otherwise it would overflow because it's too long for the div's width. I know this issue has been covered here before (e.g. this question)...
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&shy; (soft hyphen) and Chrome and Safari

I have a website where I would prefer to use &shy ; (soft hyphen) to break words the way I want. Click here for screenshot from Chrome The problem computers run OS X (multiple versions) and the ...
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How to add the hyphen in html textbox?

I use the following code to create the textbox for enter the phone number in run Time .How to add hyphen(-) in between the phone Numbers.For example If I type 1234567 the entry should show like this ...
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Removing soft hyphens from a string

Let's say I have a string that is littered with soft hyphens (pretend that the hyphens in the text below are soft hyphens): T-h-i-s- -i-s- -a- -t-e-s-t-.- I want to remove the soft hyphens and only ...
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In HTML, is it possible to insert a word wrapping hint?

Imagine I have a long, multi-word line of text in a DIV: Hello there, dear customer. Please have a look at our offer. The DIV has a dynamic width. I want to word wrap the above text. Currently, ...
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Find soft hyphens in HTML document

Let's look at following code: $('#el').html('ex&shy;am&shy;ple'); Now, how can I get back that element's text with soft hyphens entities? Both of these: $('#el').html(); $('#el').contents()....
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Weird issue with &shy; hanging in browser

I am experiencing an extremely strange problem with IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit. Any file (no matter the extension, could be .txt, .htm, .js, or anything) that has an http:// on any line,...
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How do soft hyphens obfuscate URLs?

I just got a piece of spam with the hyperlink obscured with soft hyphens. Since I don't actually want to click on the link, how do the soft hyphens create the URL obfuscation? For example, how would ...
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Looking for regex: soft hyphen or not a word character

I am looking for a regex yielding to characters which are not word-characters nor a soft hyphen (U+00AD). This will give me characters which are not word-characters: ((?=\W).) But what about the ...
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HTML: Soft hyphen (&shy;) without dash?

I have a little layout problem: on a clients website, we show contact information of people in a little box. The width of that box is constrained. As it happens, there are people with very long names (...
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display soft hyphen character in vim in Mac OS X Terminal

vim is totally confused with soft hyphen characters (0xAD) in the Mac OS X Terminal. It is not displayed, although the "virtual column" number is right, the insertion is messed up. So if I have a ...
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Using &shy; in Java HTML aware Component

I have following problem: I display an HTML-Document with an JTextPane. In my HTML-Text there are &shy; (shy at to make a soft-hyphenation. My problem is, that no hyphenation appears. ...
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How to achieve a soft hyphen in HTML

How can I solve the problem of soft hyphens on my web pages? In text, there can be long words which I might want to line break with a hyphen, but I do not want the hyphen to show if the whole word is ...
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