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Questions tagged [spiffe]

Use this tag when encountering questions about standards related to SPIFFE or SPIRE, use spiffe-spire when encountering questions about SPIRE deployments.

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0 answers

Establishing mutual authentication over SSH using SPIFFE

For this learning purpose I have created a k8s cluster using 4 azure VMs (VM1, VM2, VM3 & VM4).I have followed the spiffe doc to deploy spire-server and spire-agent on a k8s infra. I have kept all ...
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What does 'No available authentication scheme' mean exactly?

I am trying to setup an mTLS connection with our Keycloak identity provider using certificates and keys issued by spire. The Setup The spire-agent is configured with: workload_x509_svid_key_type = &...
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Alternative authentication with SPIFFE/Spire

I'm interested in developing an alternative authentication method for authorizing an agent with Spire, one that involves authenticating the device based on a specific pattern(like the time it takes to ...
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Getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError for class

I am running a jar on spark slave with version spark-2.5.6-bin-hadoop where i am getting this error on submitting the jar Exception occurred while create new JwtSource java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ...
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Azure AD workload identity federation with SPIFFE and SPIRE

I'm working on a demo to demonstrate Azure AD workload identity federation with SPIFFE and SPIRE. Following this blog. All the steps worked except the verification step. In the verification step - it ...
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Spiffe error while deploying client-agent pods

I am using this guide for deploying Spiffe on K8s Cluster "" One of the steps in this process is running the command "kubectl apply ...
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0 answers

mTLS between services running inside and outside a mesh using Istio's trust chain

I understand that I can configure Istio for its Citadel component to use a root x509 certificate + private key that I provide. Can I extend this system in a way that I also use the same root to issue ...
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2 answers

How to implement role-based auth with SPIFFE/SPIRE?

I'm in the process of vetting a move to service mesh. While Istio and Consul Connect are certainly still in the cards, I'm leaning towards building up from a bit lower level with Linkerd and SPIFFE/...
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1 answer

Istio metrics destination unknown

Scenario Istio version 1.5.0 ontop of EKS 1.14. Enabled components: Base Pilot NOTE Istio 1.5.0 deprecates Mixer, moved to telemetry v2, which happens inside the envoy proxy sidecar. I want to use ...
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2 answers

Can SPIFFE/SPIRE Server be installed on GKE's any node?

Can SPIFFE/SPIRE Server be installed on GKE's any node? If yes, one node out of other nodes in cluster will have server and agents both installed. Is it required to have agent running on that node ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Setting a custom call source header with Istio

I have a setup using Kubernetes and Istio where we run a set of services. Each of our services have an istio-sidecar and a REST-api. What we would like is that whenever a service within our setup ...
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How does Istio implement this spec point of SPIFFE?

In the SPIFFE specification it is stated that Since a workload in its early stages may have no prior knowledge of its identity or whom it should trust, it is very difficult to secure access to ...
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