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Statistica is a fully integrated line of analytic solutions. Use this tag for questions about using its support for Visual Basic for Applications code and its support for access to the .NET Framework.

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How to get detrennded normal probabylity plot in python?

I need some analogue to "Detrended Normal P-Plot" function from Statistica, but in Python. I only have 1D-array of data, so I need a plot with two axes: X-"Value" and Y-"...
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Reproducing output from one statistical program to R

A previous employee from my organization performed all of their analyses on a different statistical program than R (with no documentation), and no one currently employed knows which program was used. ...
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Getting Internal Server Error while performing Stress testing(Load testing) in Apache J-meter

So we have three development servers(A,B,C).In "A" and "B" servers we have installed Tibco Statistica of same version and with same configurations also we have installed Apache J-Meter in C Server ....
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Open Statistica *.sta file under Python3

I have *.sta file with dataset. How to open this Statistica *.sta file under Python3? Is there any package for that?
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How to create categorial variable based on continuous variable in Statsoft Statistica

I am doing some analysis with weather data in Statistica. One of the variables is wind direction which is a continuous variables ranges from 0 and 360. Now I want to create a new column that buckets ...
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Statistica 64 - How do you make a macro find its file name?

*Note: Editing this question to reach out to VBA people, since it might be the same process that Excel uses. SVB is just a specialized form of VBA. I have a macro stored in file FileA.svb. In this ...
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Statistica VB - Including an external macro [closed]

I'm using Statistica 64 VB. I wrote a function "Public MyFunction()" in FileLibrary.svb (a collection of useful functions) that I want to be called by a function in FileDoStuff.svb (an analysis). I ...
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