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For questions about the StreamPipes platform for integrating real-time big data streams.

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Apache StreamPipes - Kafka topic data reading time out

i have the problem with loading the data from Kafka topic to Apache StreamPipes adapter. I'm using Kafka 3.5.0 and Apache StreamPipes 0.93 (but the same problem occurs on 0.92), i have the default ...
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hosting apache streampipes on AWS Cloud

How do I host Apache StreamPipes on AWS with custom user authentication using AWS IAM? I looked upon articles from streampipes, but didnot find any article which illustrates if the toolbox can be ...
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Visible elements in the pipeline editor

I am new to figuring out how stream pipes work. I have been trying to download the repositories from GitHub. When I open local host, I get a set of elements in the pipeline editor. What are these ...
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