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Unable to get Surface Duo to use both screens using Xamarin

I am trying to build a Xamarin Forms project for Surface Duo. The project runs, but will not utilize both screens. I followed the steps at Xamarin for Surface Duo - Dual-screen | Microsoft Docs: ...
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Surface Duo React Native crashing with “Stub!” error

I'm playing around with trying to add the react-native-dualscreeninfo to my existing React Native project. However, when adding the gradle requirements to get it running (just the Kotlin version, and ...
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How do I launch SurfaceDuo Emulator from Visual Studio

I can open and run the Surface Duo Emulator from the command line, create a Xamarin Mobile app (Android, UWP) but when I try to deploy using the Android as the Startup Project, I am unable to select ...
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TwoPaneView with Uno Platform

I want to develop a app for the new Surface Neo by using the Uno Platform. For this I tried to implement a TwoPaneView in my MainPage.xaml, but it's not recognized properly. Also I downloaded the Uno....
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Launching Surface Duo Emulator Shows "ACPI" error and emulator does not start

When launching the beta Surface Duo emulator, the emulator appears as a blank screen and scrolls an error about ACPI in the status window. I have already followed the Xamarin instructions for ...
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