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Swiftype has focused on developing a solution that lets site owners precisely control search on their own site. To this end, Swiftype has developed four major features that offer a substantial improvement Swiftype also has a powerful developer API.

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How can i get the onChange callback from Sorting Component in elastic/react-search-ui?

I need to call one function after the sorting option is clicked. But I can't access the onChange event. The elastic/react-search-ui docs ...
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why I can't make search request to my Elastic Enterprise Search app using axios?

so I want to make search request to my elastic enterprise search app using guide from the documentation in here , I don't want to use elastic node JS client, but I want to make http request using ...
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ReactJS: Cannot read property 'raw' of undefined

I am working on a search engine using the swiftype reackJS demo app as a starting point. It's using the search-ui npm. I get: Cannot read property 'raw' of undefined export default ({ result }) =&...
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SwifType Rate limit exceeded

I currently have a demo account. I am trying to make a POC using SwifType for my employer. We have a very big database that is indexec every 1h and creates a JSON file. I thought the integration with ...
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Change JSON structure to be suitable for elastic swiftype

I have a big json file, with the format below: { "enTitle": “my product", "esTitle": “es prod", "esDescription": “es description", "enDescription": “...
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How to crawl websites that have front end js framework

We are currently trying swiftype and wanted to see how to Crawl our website that has javascript frameworks becauase there are async calls. I created a engine and was able to run a crawl based my ...
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Anyone else have problems with Swiftype embed code causing wierd behavior with Youtube Iframe API?

I have been having problems with my youtube iframe YT.player triggering the onReady callback twice. It took me about a week to find the source of the problem. All I know is there is some sort of bug ...
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Converting cURL from Swiftype API to Parse.httpRequest

I can't connect to the Swiftype API by converting their cURL to Parse.httpRequest method. I get either error 400 with info "document" object is missing or info to contact Swiftype. Here is the cURL ...
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Binding HTML strings in Ember.JS

I am using a third party indexing service (Swiftype) to search through my database. The returned records contains a property called highlight. This simply adds <em> tags around matching strings. ...
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What happens while wrapping and unwrapping an optional in Swift?

When a var is marked as an optional Swift wraps it and when actual value is needed unwrapping is performed. var anOptional : String? = "wrapping" print("\(anOptional!) unwrapping") What actually ...
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Array<T> or Slice<T> struct type understanding structure

While Array struct def is: struct Array<T> : MutableCollection, Sliceable { typealias Element = T var startIndex: Int { get } var endIndex: Int { get } subscript (index: Int) -&...
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Returning any type of object in a function in Swift

I want to return a function or a value that could be Int or String or another other type in Swift from a function. What is the type that can represent all of these? Following code throws an error ...
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How to turn off Swiftype auto complete?

I am using Swiftype. There is no plugin involved, just the search code and a search box with the classes. How can I turn off the auto complete? There is nothing on the docs about it, only regarding ...
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Swiftype Autocomplete JQuery Seperate Results by document type

Greetings I am using the Swiftype gem for rails I have got it working in that I can upload documents to their site, and autocomplete on mine. The issue I am having is that I am searching ...
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Swiftype rails, post_url undefined method when running worker

I'm trying to implement Swiftype on Rails 3.2.5. However, when adding a category, and running rake jobs:work, I get the following error message: CreateSwiftypeDocumentJob failed with NoMethodError: ...
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