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Swimm is a tool that couples documentation to code by making sure that the documentation remains up-to-date as the code evolves. Use this tag for questions about using Swimm and its CLI tools. Do not post bug reports or feature requests to Stack Overflow.

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This swimm file is Invalid, how to fix?

I'm getting the following error from the Swimm web interface: The local swimm file structure is not valid and could not be loaded. Please pull the latest repo version or ask the repo admin to verify ...
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What is the best way to resolve merge conflicts in .swm files?

When trying to rebase my feature branch on the base branch (dev), I got merge conflicts on swm and generated md files: The conflicts themselves are hard to understand on their own, and include many ...
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How does the swimm verify command scope change?

I'm part of the beta using Swimm for documentation and have created some documents with coupled code snippets. I'm able to verify that the documents have up to date snippets using the swimm verify ...
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