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SymbolicC++ is a general purpose computer algebra system embedded in the programming language C++. It is free software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. SymbolicC++ is used by including a C++ header file or by linking against a library.

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Debugging C/C++ project in VScode

I can't debugging my project. Especially, I can't find class "PassiveElement.cpp". I don't know, what is wrong. How can I fix it? launch.json { "version": "0.2.0", "...
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How can I create project using INET and LTE library in omnet++5.5.1

I can't add the libraries from makemake I don't have "Add folder" option I followed this steps Right click in project from project explorer then use properties then go to makemake then I ...
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A way to display Latex style math equations in the terminal?

What I'm trying to do Im trying to create a terminal app to use as an advanced calculator and I want the equations to be formatted the way they are in latex and both as input and output. I ...
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installing Vcpkg to manage c/c++ libraries on windows (Vs Code)

when trying to install vcpkg to manage and install c/c++ libraries on windows 10, this error keeps showing up : PS C:\librairies\vcpkg> .\bootstrap-vcpkg.bat Downloading
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Getting a conflicting types error when trying to include this data type in another header file I'm unsure why

#ifndef CALLER_H_ #define CALLER_H_ #include "stdlib.h" #include "cardCell.h" #endif /* CALLER_H_ */ _______________________________________________________________ typedef ...
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Implement the functionality of the wc and head controls

I need help to solve these requirements: Implement the functionality of the wc and head controls. The wc command will need to use and recognize the -w and -c options. The head command will need to use ...
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Problems counting the number of vowels in an array

#include <stdio.h> int vowel_count(char n[]){ int hasil = 0; char vowel[] = "aiueoyAIUEOY"; for (int i = 0; i < 50; i++) { for (int x = 0; x < 12; x++) ...
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how can i read some struct param in attribute section "test"?

test.h struct test_desc { const char *name; } #define PFM_TEST(a,name) struct test_desc a \ __attribute__((section("test"))) = {name} test.c PFM_TEST(name1,abc); PFM_TEST(name2,dec); main.c #...
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[IAR]how can i printf a section start of end address?

1.I create a custom section for myTest in .icf define symbol __ICFEDIT_region_TEST_start__ = (0x10080000); define symbol __ICFEDIT_region_TEST_end__ = (0x100DFFFF); define region TEST_region = mem:[...
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c/c++ extension downloading for long time in vscode

I am using the c++/c extension in vs code first time and after clicking on installing c/c++extension by microsoft and i cannot use this **// Simple C++ program to display "Hello World" // Header ...
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Addition of two arrays not working using pthread

Could you please some one help me to identify the issues in the following code. Background: The test code adds two arrays, input1 & input2 and stores the results in output, using 4-threads. The ...
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symbolicc++ build error in ros catkin

I try to use the symbolicc++ toolbox with catkin. With a bigger project I have the structure: //main2.cpp #include "someheader.h" int main(){ Symbol a; Symbolicclass b(a); b.func(); } //...
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SymbolicC++ error on linux

I am trying to install SymbolicC++ from SymbolicC++3-3.35-ac.tar on Ubuntu 15.10. I did a ./configure, make, sudo make install with no errors. I tried to compile the following with g++ test1.cpp -...
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want to retrieve files in the order they were created

I'm working on designing a fast file read program in c/c++ that will retrieve each file in a directory in the order they were stored (created). Im using SFML and BOOST but my program will only return ...
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Errors at implementation of SymbolicC++ into existing solution

i'm trying to integrate the SymbolicC++ Library into an already existing solution. My specifications are as followed: Visual Studio 2010 RTM on a Windows 7 OS. Now my problem: I already have a ...
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Symbolicc++ VS GiNaC

I am about to start working on a project that requires symbolic manipulations mainly related to units of measurement. I ran into symbolicc++ and ginac but it is not clear to me what are the ...
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C++ multiple definition error when including external library

I'm trying to write a simple application allowing the user to perform a series of symbolic manipulations on a set of linear equations and am using the "Symbolicc++" library (more specifically, the ...
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Error installing SymbolicC++ on unix

I downloaded SymbolicC++ from: Then I went into the folder and did: ./configure make make install But when I typed in "make", it ...
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How do I evaluate a Symbolic variable in SymbolicC++?

I have been trying out a couple computer algebra libraries for C++ to use with a vector calculus course I am taking. I am having trouble with nonlinear equations in GiNaC and in SymbolicC++ it ...
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How to input a symbolic variable in SymbolicC++

I'm making a program that takes input for an expression and integrates it and prints the result to the user. I'm using SymbolicC++, but can't seem to figure out how to input a symbolic... how do I do ...
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