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Questions tagged [tailscale]

Tailscale enables remote access from any network or physical location. Tailscale uses WireGuard for encrypted point-to-point connections. It is run as a client on Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms. Remember Stack Overflow is a site for programming Q&A. DO NOT use this tag for questions about networking or general usage of Tailscale.

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How to setup a K8s cluster on netbird or tailscale? [closed]

My company is running an IoT project with a distributed K3s cluster running on OpenVPN. Some K3s nodes are installed at customer premises, usually in a SOHO LAN with NAT, some are running in the cloud ...
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Tailscale SSH with VSCode: Permission Denied

I've set up a Tailscale network with two nodes, one tagged tag:server, the other tagged as tag:client. Server is an Ubuntu 22.04 machine, and the client is a Windows laptop. I want to access my server ...
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Tailscale docker reverse proxy to port 443

I am trying to run vaultwarden which does on Port 80, without tailscale json config file, but not 443 which is refused according the logs. 2024/04/01 14:38:07 http: proxy error: dial tcp
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http app unreachable from tailscale and funnel and k8s

I get an http app (written in rust) which serve 2 routes on port 3000: /, for serving static file /health, which return a simple string: "Ok" When testing, everuthing works, both routes ...
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Running Vault on Kubernetes with Tailscale

I followed this tutorial to deploy vault on a kubernetes cluster. Here is the override-values.yaml file that I used. server: dev: enabled: true ingress: enabled: true ingressClassName: ...
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Expose Docker Port through my server and Tailscale

I have a linux ubuntu server running several docker services. I also have tailscale installed and running on my server. I can reach the Tailscale IP of the server and ssh into it but I cant reach the ...
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docker compose build with npm nexus registry in private network using github action and tailscale

I have a nexus registry located in private network i need docker-compose build in github action that can build a dockerfile which could be interactive /accessible to nexus I've done on created ...
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how to list tailscale devices from the cli? [closed]

I am a recent tailscale user. I am trying to ssh between devices in my tailnet - but I do not want to continuously check device names in my tailscale dashboard. Is there any way to list tailnet ...
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Ansible mulitple aliases for hostnames [closed]

I use Ansible to configure some servers, one of which is only accessible locally and via the Tailscale VPN. This means I have two hostnames for the same box, where none, one, or both hostnames are ...
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Tailscale and configuring additional Google Workspace two-factor authentication for SSH connections [closed]

We are trialing Tailscale set-up for production server SSH connections. We are using Google Workspace as the identity provider for Tailscale. Because production servers are more security critical than ...
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API endpoint for removing a device [closed]

I want to know if there is an endpoint that I could use to remove a device by its hostname. For example, I have a terraform script with Cloudinit which adds a VPS to Tailscale and works perfectly fine....
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Tailscale list all devices using api [closed]

I am trying to follow the tailscale documentation to list all devices on my network using exposed API here In the example it says that I need to provide tailnet name GET /api/v2/tailnet/
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Tailscale + Kubernetes + Istio (certs) [closed]

I have a Kubernetes cluster running a web server, an Istio ingress gateway, and some microservicea that I've installed on a bare metal tailscale node at home (and only on my tailnet, not publicly ...
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2 answers

Github actions: Using a container from a private docker registry that is behind private network?

I want to run my workflow in a container from private Docker registry: jobs: build: runs-on: ubuntu-latest container: image: steps: - ... Now ...
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2 answers

High ping latency between two machines [closed]

I am trying to ping a machine over tailscale and seeing very high latency numbers (> 3000 ms). The machines are very closely geo located. One of them is behind a Comcast router, and another is ...
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ssh proxyjump into tailscale network from outside network [closed]

Is it possible to proxyjump into the tailscale network from outside the network, such as from the local library or university computer? Something like: ssh -J user@bastion user@tailscale-ip Or: ssh -...
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2 answers

Unable to connect internal apps using tailscale server name with specified port

As the title suggest, I want to basically disable the public TCP port and allow plex or other apps to only connect using Tailscale. Like, I don't want to allow server-public-ip:32400, but instead I ...
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I cant ssh to computers connected via Tailscale, but all other services work ok

I have 5 linux devices (Ubuntu 20's and Raspberry Pi's) in 3 different geographic locations. With Tailscale on each. I am unable to ssh between these machines, via the Tailscale IP's. my "...
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How can I resolve the tailscale HTTPS error "SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG"

I just setup MagicDNS and HTTPS on my tailscale account. Then I ssh'ed into my nas and issued a tls certificate with sudo tailscale cert "" Response was: ...
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Tailscale - how to integrate with express.js app? [closed]

I want to create a middleware for my express.js app that will reject requests not coming from a machine that's not connected to my Tailscale network. How can I do that? Do I need to grab the request ...
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Bridged interfaces and Tailscale "Raspberry" [closed]

Im trying to connect my apple tv to my home network and since the apple tv doesnt support vpn, ithought of getting a raspberry and setup tailscale on it and bridge eth0 and eth1 so that the apple tv ...
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