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Questions tagged [thelounge]

The Lounge is a modern web IRC client designed for self-hosting. It runs in the browser, works across platform, and keeps IRC connections open when clients are closed. It is built with JavaScript and Node.js.

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WEBIRC not forwarding user addresses on The Lounge and Ircd Hybrid

hoping to get some help for passing user hostnames/IPs from the Lounge to ircd hybrid 8. After a ton of tries I seem to manage to have the webirc connection established, this is what i get in the ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Accent problems : charset / utf-8 / thelounge IRC

I have a problem with using the IRC client The Lounge. The type accents : " é à ... " is displayed correctly from the client, but when a user uses accents from another client accents are no longer ...
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How to run web IRC Client in node-webkit on Windows?

I am trying to run a web IRC client, The Lounge, as a regular Windows IRC Client. But after packing into a .nw file, it does not work: git clone https://github.com/thelounge/lounge.git cd lounge npm ...
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ProxyHTMLURLMap not rewriting URLs the right way

I have a Web-IRC-Client (The Lounge) running at http://www.example.com:3000/ (no HTTPS) and visiting the link works fine. When I specify the port I can use the Web-Client without any problems. Now, I ...
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