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Naemon / Nagios / Icinga monitoring webinterface written in perl based on livestatus data.

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Naemon Check failure

I have a Naemon check that uses check_ldap plugin and passes the password as macro. Command returns OK on running manually on the server, however it shows Critical on thruk UI. Uses below flags : -H, ...
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CheckMK 2.0.0p35 pnp4nagios graphs not working with Thruk 3.04

Hello Thruk Community, I have a CheckMK 2.0.0p35 RAW Edition working on Ubuntu 22.04.6 running Thruk 3.04 (latest release), I'm using pnp4nagios and livestatus integration just for reference as well. ...
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Thruk Reporting module SLA calculation

Can you explain me how are calculated the SLA made by Thruk reporting module ? I use it to provide KPIs to my customer and he ask me the calculation rules. Thanks by advance.
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Thruk audit logs

We have upgraded thruk from 2.26 to version 2.44 We want this audit log feature to work when users access thruk through website. logfile = /var/log/audit/thruk-%Y.%m.%d.log login = 1 ...
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How to escape / in service name in thruk api call

I have lots of nagios services with forward slash in their names. When I try to acknowledge the service through thruk api, it returns error like below. request: http://<thruk_url>/r/v1/services/...
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Is there a way in Thruk to extract the 'Expanded command' somewhere, via JSON, REST, or curl?

It shows up on the page, and I can see it in view source on chrome, but I do not appear to be able to get this info via curl, as the page stops loading - probably due to the JSON/js involved in ...
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How can I hide passwords in Thruk?

So Thruk now has an option to obfuscate passwords and other sensitive information in the "Expanded command" field. I've turned that option on, but it doesn't appear to have done anything. I ...
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Thruk cgi authentication override

I have the latest version of thruk installed with naemon and livestatus. I want to be able to post commands from a python script to cmd.cgi from the same server without the interference of ...
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How do I export all hosts and services from Thruk? [closed]

We use Thruk within our business as a front end to different nagios backend servers. I need to create a list of all the services and their hosts being monitored by these nagios servers but I cannot ...
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Why systemctl doesn't return a value in an NRPE check?

I have a problem with an NRPE check that I wrote. It's a simple shell script that run "systemctl is-active [service_name]" and return the value to our Thruk. When I run the script directly with the ...
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Thruk Availability Report

I have installed Nagios Core 4.2.4 with Thruk integrated in it.I am trying to use the availability report feature in thruk through cli.Is there any API query I can use for that? Any help would be ...
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Thruk - Scripted Dashboard - get params from query string

Is it possible to get query string in scripted dashboard ? I tried to use CGI perl module in scripted dashboard, but with no success. The idea is to use scripted dashboard as template to generate ...
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Thruk - templating - Add href when host is member of hostgroup

In the its possible to add href when custom_vars_host is present. [% IF custom_vars_host.size > 0 %] [% FOREACH cust = custom_vars_host %] [% IF cust.key == "ilo" || cust.key == "drac") %...
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Thruk Business Process data export into elastic stack

We have our business processes configured in thruk and I want to visualize these business processes with our elastic stack, kibana in detail. I am searching for the possibility to export hourly, ...
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Thruk - Get details using API

I want to know the possibility of getting the details which is listed in thruk interface using API calls. For example, I need to collect details which is listed under Host Groups --> Summary(Grid) ...
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