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A simple JavaScript WYSIWYG editor that is both lightweight and standalone.

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remove all html tags in tinyeditor WYSIWYG editor

is there have anyway to remove all html tags when we paste something into WYSIWYG editor. to tinyeditor
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How to send textarea who contains html using Jquery $.ajax [duplicate]

I have made changes on my comments for add TinyEditor(WYSIWYG). to send data i use this jquery function function AddComent(){ var formulario="#send_coment"; var url = "comentario.php"; ...
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How do I save text entered in a TinyEditor box to my database

I am new to Currently working on a form that uses tinyeditor to allow a user to input data. My question is, how can I get that HTML encoded text and save it to the database (Its MSSQL) upon ...
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get value of tinyeditor using jquery not working

i would like to get the value of tinyeditor textarea using jquery for this i have written: var description = new TINY.editor.edit('description', { id: 'description', width: 330, height: ...
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Sandbox access violation when using tinyeditor wysiwyg editor in chrome extension

I'm getting the following error when attempting to load a third party wysiwyg editor in a chrome extension. Sandbox access violation: Blocked a frame at "chrome-extension://...
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TinyEditor - using $_POST

Well, I have this code: <?php if(isset($_POST['texto'])) { $texto = $_POST['texto']; echo "$texto"; ?> <form action="/env_not.php" method="POST"> <textarea id="tinyeditor" name="...
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TinyEditor - remove instance from page

We're using this script TinyEditor from this site as a simple WYSIWYG editor for a dashboard we're running. How do you remove an instance of this editor from the page if you don't need it anymore? ...
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