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Tizen Active Security Profile Not Set

I am getting Tizen Security Profile Not set while running an application on Emulator. How to Fix it?
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Tizen SDK installation failure

I downloaded Tizen installer package ( windows 7 64 bit ) from this link and tizen windows image file (beta) from this link. I clicked advanced in installer manager, extracted the image into installer ...
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Tizen-sdk-for-wearable-setup Installation issue because of JAVA HOME

System Configuration: OS - Windows 8 System type - 64-bit Operating System , x64-based processor I have installed java-8 and set JAVA_HOME as C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0 I am getting error as ...
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Error Installing Tizen SDK on Mac OS X

I downloaded the SDK image from Tizen website and with the help of install manager, I tried to install Tizen SDK and it has failed. I am totally clueless how to resolve this. I verified the MD5 hash ...
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