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Questions tagged [toolpad]

MUI Toolpad is a self-hosted low-code internal tools builder designed to extend the MUI React components. Use this tag for all questions related to the installation and usage of Toolpad.

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how to host the mui-toolpad app production version on iisnode

I have produced an app in mui-toolpad, and I am trying to deploy it alongside another app under iis using iisnode. There seems to be no documentation about how to do this. So my question is: Do you ...
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1 vote
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MUI Toolpad : Error new query preview unsafe legacy renegotiation disabled (openssl)

I created a new page then a new request When I want to launch the preview I get this error error message personal api I also have a similar problem with public APIs error message public api The ...
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I'm getting this error while installing any node modules. eg: This error occur while installing MUI Toolpad

npx create-toolpad-app@latest my-toolpad-app using this command to install MUI Toolpad but getting this error npm ERR! code ETIMEDOUT npm ERR! syscall connect npm ERR! errno ETIMEDOUT npm ERR! network ...
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I have an issue with MUI Toolpad

hello i use mui toolpad but i face an issue: when i create container and preview it i found that the container don't have the max width or full size of page and while i ...
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MUI Toolpad not accessible on localhost

On my Ubuntu 22 machine I followed the instructions at but the browser says: Unable to connect Browser can’t establish a connection to the server ...
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