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Questions tagged [truelicense]

TrueLicense is a comprehensive open source license management engine and API for the Java Virtual Machine.

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0 answers

Is there a way to generate one time use license?

Testing generating multiple license on a same product. I'm able to install - uninstall - install the same license. I want to know if there is a way to avoid this. I mean, after installing, the license ...
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0 answers

Truelicense set time limit for license

i want to use the Truelicense archetype to create license for a software. The license created has no time limit.I can only set the date when the license issued. Any idea how can do this.. Thank you I ...
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1 vote
0 answers

TrueLicense Invalid keystore format

I'm following this tutorial to attempt to set up a license server on my VPS. However for the last while, I've been getting this ...
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3 votes
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Truelicense Java preferences store other than registry

For managing the license in my Java application, I want to use truelicense. Truelicense is using Java Preferences to store license keys and Java preferences on windows OS getting stored in Registry ...
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where does truelicense persist the license file

This question is very specific to the implementation of TrueLicense and its workings. With the help of the tutorials here and the more helpful here, I have successfully been able to apply licensing on ...
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