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The Turkey Test is quick test whether internationalization (in particular date and number formatting and text sorting and comparison for different countries) is correctly implemented in a software.

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regex turkey phone number

I am using the following expression for the mobile phone rule in google workspace. But this expression also includes landline phones. How do I prevent this? Also google workspace does not use this ...
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How can I declare an extension with global scope across the solution

I'm trying to write an extension (actually taken from Case insensitive 'Contains(string)') It compensates for the Turkey Test when doing string comparison. The extension itself is simple: ...
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mysql character encoding with Turkish text [duplicate]

I'm trying to save a wordlist to my database. Wordlist is a text document with utf-8 encoding. And here is my table structure; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `wordlist` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL ...
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How to do case-insensitive String comparison in Oracle passing the Turkey Test? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Make Oracle SQL LIKE query case insensitive I want to do string comparison in SQL-Statements that ignore case. Currently we use something like upper(field) like upper(...
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What is The Turkey Test?

I came across the word 'The Turkey Test' while learning about code testing. I don't know really what it means. What is Turkey Test? Why is it called so?
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