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Questions tagged [umple]

Umple is a textual language for writing models and generating code using abstractions such as associations, state machines and composite structure. Developers can embed models in languages such as Java, PhP and C++. Use this tag for questions referring to the Umple language or Umple tools such as the compiler and Eclipse plugin.

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0 votes
1 answer

Is there an "in state" predicate in Umple's state machines?

In Umple state machines' guards, I'm missing an "in state" predicate that returns true if the state machine is in a given state. Does this function exists?
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2 answers

Can we make UML object diagrams using UmpleOnline?

A UML object diagram contains specific real objects and links to show relationships. The objects are merely instances of classes. Why bother to make an object model? The multiplicity rules in the ...
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0 votes
1 answer

how to render a better startchart graph on umple?

The umple is a very good to design UML statecharts, with rich set of semantic attributes in text mode. However, the embedded mechanism to draw correspondent statechart has scarce resources to show ...
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1 answer

Is there an Javascript code generator available for Umple?

I'm looking for a Umple converter that would generate Javascript classes/methods from Umple, similar to what the Java code generator for Umple. I am not interested in graphical/diagram representations,...
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1 vote
1 answer

Umple -- Custom constructors

I've just started using Umple and have come across a case where neither the "before" nor "after" directives seem to work for injecting code into a constructor. Consider the following Umple code: ...
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1 answer

Method '*' has a name conflict with automatic generated getter/setter methods for attribute '*' in class '*'. Please use a different method name

I have the following Umple model class SomeClass{ att1; Boolean setAtt1(String aAtt1){ //Do something } } I need to override the setter method of att1. When I try to do it as in the ...
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