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Why have a Error when adding products to the Cart?

I'm Working With Vanilo Framework but i don't understand that error TypeError PHP 8.0.19 9.52.7 Vanilo\Foundation\Factories\CheckoutDataFactory::createShippingAddress(): Return value must be of type ...
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Vanilo 3 error during configuration - Class App\Models\User must extend or implement Konekt\User\Contracts\User

I followed the installation guide for vanilo step by step. Once all steps were completed, I tried to start up the development server with php artisan serve and ...
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Why Vanilophp don't use webpack by default? [closed]

I just installed VaniloPHP by following the instruction on the documentation with Laravel 9 but Laravel Mix don't install, instead LaravelVite is installed, it's normal ? Because of that I can’t ...
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Vanilo Laravel 7 error 403 - Forbidden in

I'm trying to create an e-commerce application from scratch with Vanilo. I've meticulously followed the steps described here several times. However, when it comes to accessing the route in the example ...
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yarn install throws an error when trying to install vanilo e-commerce for laravel

I am trying to install Vanilo E-Commerce. The link will take you directly to the yarn stage of the deployment. I have updated my /var/www/laravel/e-commerce/ to the ...
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How to remove a package from laravel which has providers?

I tried to install Vanilo E-Commerce onto my existing application which clashed with a lot of my migrations thus I want to now remove it. I tried to run composer remove vanilo/framework Which ...
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Where to put custom product properties for Vanilo?

I'm following the doc here : It is pretty clear, the only question I have is, under the Adding Custom Types section I'm not sure where that custom class is ...
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Reflection Exception in laravel

Everything was working fine until I added Vanilo to my laravel project, I have no idea on how to debug this kindly help. Laravel Version: 5.5.40 Snippet from app.php /* * Third Party Aliases ...
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