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error in

I'm stuck with a problem rendering videoSdk, I implemented it and it works well in the development environment, but when it goes to the web server the video doesn't work and it shows me an error in ...
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How can I limit to 2 participants only?

I tried a code that limits up to 2 participants only. However, I tested it by joining up to three participants. The third one still appears even though I set a perimeter where the meeting has 2 ...
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This is related to video sdk API, Java code, Android

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for boolean org.webrtc.LibvpxVp9Decoder.nativeIsSupported() (tried Java_org_webrtc_LibvpxVp9Decoder_nativeIsSupported and ...
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Flutter Live Streaming app using webcam not working and crash

I am using videosdk to build my live streaming app, I follow the instruction of quick start guide to build the interactive live streaming videosdk tutorial link, when I clicked create meeting, if I ...
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Video SDK Token Getting Undefined

i was working on video SDK for react and i was getting the error: "Token is invalid" statusCode: 401 when the video SDK is hitting the api
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One to One video call between Ai and User

I am developing an application that facilitates video chat between users and an AI (GPT model). The typical architecture of this app is as follows: I am utilizing VideoSDK-React for the video call ...
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Getting automated raw recording in zoom windows SDK

"How can I initiate local recording immediately upon joining a meeting, and how can I enable automatic access granting for local recording in the Zoom SDK?" I'm working on integrating the ...
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How to add video calling functionality in Ionic-react app, using capacitor, with Zoom SDK(or any other)

I want to add a video calling feature in my ionic-react app with capacitor, I see that there is a zoom SDK plugin but there is no documentation avaliablle for react, can some give me a react code that ...
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videosdk library is opening back camera instead of front in iphone

I am using videosdk for video meeting in my website. Everything is working fine on Android and desktop but while using iPhone, it starts back camera instead of front camera. However, I have used ...
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VideoSDK api is not working on deployment server

I'm using VideoSDK api on Angular + ASP.NET project. It's working fine on my local, but on deployment server, it's not working. I've deployed sample react project that cloned from VideoSDK ...
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VideoSDK api don't use updated state

I'm using React + ASP.NET application and using VideoSDK API for video-meeting. const meetingAPI = useMeeting({ onMeetingJoined: () => { meetinAPI.muteMic(); meetinAPI.disableWebcam(); ...
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How to get the response data by using react-query useMutation and axios post method?

I'm trying to get the data from a axios post methed. I can get it by only using axios. I cannot figure out why using the react-query useMutation console log the response data is undefined. api/index....
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Undefined when import methods from ''

For my RN project, I use ''.When I try to import a method from the library I get undefined. I can't figure out what's going on. I did everything according to the ...
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Catching error `TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'canProduce')` when trying to use mic with videosdk

Edit I fixed it by adding permissions during token generation: permissions: ['allow_join', 'allow_mod'], Reproducible demo here Whenever I try to toggle the mic, webcam or screenshare system, I keep ...
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React Native Sample Code for is returning error "Invalid hook call. Hooks can only be called inside..."

I have downloaded the sample code for The 2 Sample code I downloaded were the sample code for the SERVER (videosdk-rtc-nodejs-sdk-example) and the sample code for REACT-NATIVE (videosdk-...
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