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switch from back camera to front camera and vice versa, @video_Sdk video package not working flutter

final selectedCamId = room?.selectedCamId; log('checkk${selectedCamId.toString()}thiss'); room?.changeCam(selectedCamId!); To switch from back to front Camera for VideoSDK, the selectedCamId have to ...
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Video streaming including application overlay components

I want to make a react-native app having the capability of video streaming from a mobile app to a connected browser user. On top of that, I want to overlay some application components so connected ...
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Catching error `TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'canProduce')` when trying to use mic with videosdk

Edit I fixed it by adding permissions during token generation: permissions: ['allow_join', 'allow_mod'], Reproducible demo here Whenever I try to toggle the mic, webcam or screenshare system, I keep ...
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React Native Sample Code for is returning error "Invalid hook call. Hooks can only be called inside..."

I have downloaded the sample code for The 2 Sample code I downloaded were the sample code for the SERVER (videosdk-rtc-nodejs-sdk-example) and the sample code for REACT-NATIVE (videosdk-...
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