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Vim is a free and open-source modal text editor available for most major platforms. It allows high efficiency in many text editing tasks but has a steep learning curve. To learn the basics, run ":help vimtutor". For non-programming questions please use instead.

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5196 votes
13 answers

How do I exit Vim?

I am stuck and cannot escape. It says: type :quit<Enter> to quit VIM But when I type that it simply appears in the object body.
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3271 votes
34 answers

How do I make git use the editor of my choice for editing commit messages?

How do I globally configure git to use a particular editor (e.g. vim) for commit messages?
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2398 votes
34 answers

Indent multiple lines quickly in vi

It should be trivial, and it might even be in the help, but I can't figure out how to navigate it. How do I indent multiple lines quickly in vi?
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2375 votes
12 answers

How to replace a character by a newline in Vim

I'm trying to replace each , in the current file by a new line: :%s/,/\n/g But it inserts what looks like a ^@ instead of an actual newline. The file is not in DOS mode or anything. What should I ...
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2327 votes
32 answers

Vim clear last search highlighting

After doing a search in Vim, I get all the occurrences highlighted. How can I disable that? I now do another search for something gibberish that can't be found. Is there a way to just temporarily ...
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2014 votes
16 answers

How to do case insensitive search in Vim

I'd like to search for an upper case word, for example COPYRIGHT in a file. I tried performing a search like: /copyright/i # Doesn't work but it doesn't work. I know that in Perl, if I give the ...
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1967 votes
22 answers

How to duplicate a whole line in Vim?

How do I duplicate a whole line in Vim in a similar way to Ctrl+D in IntelliJ IDEA/ Resharper or Ctrl+Alt+↑/↓ in Eclipse?
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1710 votes
10 answers

How does the vim "write with sudo" trick work?

Many of you have probably seen the command that allows you to write on a file that needs root permission, even when you forgot to open vim with sudo: :w !sudo tee % The thing is that I don't get ...
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1524 votes
54 answers

What's a quick way to comment/uncomment lines in Vim?

I have a Ruby code file open in vi, there are lines commented out with #: class Search < ActiveRecord::Migration def self.up # create_table :searches do |t| # t.integer :user_id # ...
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1490 votes
27 answers

Turning off auto indent when pasting text into vim

I am making the effort to learn Vim. When I paste code into my document from the clipboard, I get extra spaces at the start of each new line: line line line I know you can turn off auto ...
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1419 votes
12 answers

Tab key == 4 spaces and auto-indent after curly braces in Vim

How do I make vi-Vim never use tabs (converting spaces to tabs, bad!), makes the tab key == 4 spaces, and automatically indent code after curly brace blocks like Emacs does? Also, how do I save these ...
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1410 votes
5 answers

What is the difference between the remap, noremap, nnoremap and vnoremap mapping commands in Vim?

What is the difference between the remap, noremap, nnoremap and vnoremap mapping commands in Vim?
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1408 votes
15 answers

How do I move to end of line in Vim?

I know how to generally move around in command mode, specifically, jumping to lines, etc. But what is the command to jump to the end of the line that I am currently on?
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1317 votes
5 answers

What is the <leader> in a .vimrc file?

I see <leader> in many .vimrc files, and I am wondering what does it mean? What is it used for? Just a general overview of the purpose and usage would be great.
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1314 votes
13 answers

Redefine tab as 4 spaces

My current setting assumes 8 spaces; how could I redefine it?
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1219 votes
29 answers

How to effectively work with multiple files in Vim

I've started using Vim to develop Perl scripts and am starting to find it very powerful. One thing I like is to be able to open multiple files at once with: vi and then hop ...
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1124 votes
50 answers

What is your most productive shortcut with Vim?

I've heard a lot about Vim, both pros and cons. It really seems you should be (as a developer) faster with Vim than with any other editor. I'm using Vim to do some basic stuff and I'm at best 10 times ...
1082 votes
17 answers

How do I use vim registers?

I only know of one instance using registers is via CtrlR* whereby I paste text from a clipboard. What are other uses of registers? How to use them? Everything you know about VI registers (let's ...
1070 votes
38 answers

How to make vim paste from (and copy to) system's clipboard?

Unlike other editors, vim stores copied text in its own clipboard. So, it's very hard for me to copy some text from a webpage and paste it into the current working file. It so happens I have to either ...
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1065 votes
40 answers

How to copy to clipboard in Vim?

Is it possible to copy to clipboard directly from Vim? yy only copies stuff to Vim's internal buffer. I want to copy to the OS's clipboard. Is there any such command in Vim or you can only yank stuff ...
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900 votes
6 answers

What is Vim recording and how can it be disabled?

I keep seeing the recording message at the bottom of my gVim 7.2 window. What is it and how do I turn it off?
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888 votes
23 answers

Make Vim show ALL white spaces as a character

I can't find a way to make Vim show all white spaces as a character. All I found was about tabs, trailing spaces etc.
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829 votes
70 answers

What are the dark corners of Vim your mom never told you about? [closed]

There are a plethora of questions where people talk about common tricks, notably "Vim+ctags tips and tricks". However, I don't refer to commonly used shortcuts that someone new to Vim would find cool....
819 votes
29 answers

Convert DOS/Windows line endings to Linux line endings in Vim

If I open files I created in Windows, the lines all end with ^M. How do I delete these characters all at once?
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796 votes
14 answers

How to move screen without moving cursor in Vim?

I recently discovered Ctrl+E and Ctrl+Y shortcuts for Vim that respectively move the screen up and down with a one line step, without moving the cursor. Do you know any command that leaves the cursor ...
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791 votes
30 answers

Differences between Emacs and Vim

What practical, objective differences are there between Emacs and Vim? For example, what can be done using one but not the other (or done more easily with one than the other)? What should I know in ...
766 votes
28 answers

Copy all the lines to clipboard

Is there any way to copy all lines from open file to clipboard in VI editor. I tried yG but it's not using clipboard to store those lines. So is it possible?
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755 votes
14 answers

Vim delete blank lines

What command can I run to remove blank lines in Vim?
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726 votes
10 answers

How do I do redo (i.e. "undo undo") in Vim?

In Vim, I did too much undo. How do I undo this (that is, redo)?
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704 votes
16 answers

How do I fix the indentation of an entire file in Vi?

In Vim, what is the command to correct the indentation of all the lines? Often times I'll copy and paste code into a remote terminal and have the whole thing messed up. I want to fix this in one ...
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704 votes
11 answers

How to paste yanked text into the Vim command line

I'd like to paste yanked text into Vim's command line. Is it possible?
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694 votes
8 answers

To switch from vertical split to horizontal split fast in Vim

How can you switch your current windows from horizontal split to vertical split and vice versa in Vim? I did that a moment ago by accident but I cannot find the key again.
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652 votes
7 answers

"Find next" in Vim

To search forward in Vim for cake, I'd type /cake, but the cursor jumps to the first match when I press return. Is there a Vim command analogous to "find next"?
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645 votes
15 answers

What does the ^M character mean in Vim?

I keep getting the ^M character in my .vimrc and it breaks my configuration.
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589 votes
3 answers

Changing case in Vim

Is there a command in Vim that changes the case of the selected text?
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584 votes
11 answers

Find and replace strings in vim on multiple lines

I can do :%s/<search_string>/<replace_string>/g for replacing a string across a file, or :s/<search_string>/<replace_string>/ to replace in current line. How can I select and ...
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574 votes
22 answers

Where is my .vimrc file?

I have been using Vim, and I would really like to save my settings. The problem I am having is that I cannot find my .vimrc file, and it is not in the standard /home/user/.vimrc location. How might I ...
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569 votes
8 answers

How can I make my match non greedy in vim?

I have a big HTML file that has lots of markup that looks like this: <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"> <span style="font-size: small; font-family: Times New Roman;">...
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567 votes
10 answers

How do I close a single buffer (out of many) in Vim?

I open several files in Vim by, for example, running vim a/*.php which opens 23 files. I then make my edit and run the following twice :q which closes all my buffers. How can you close only one ...
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540 votes
30 answers

In Vim is there a way to delete without putting text in the register?

Using Vim I often want to replace a block of code with a block that I just yanked. But when I delete the block of code that is to be replaced, that block itself goes into the register which erases ...
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521 votes
38 answers

Convert ^M (Windows) line breaks to normal line breaks

Vim shows ^M on every line ending. How do I replace this with a normal line break in a file opened in Vim?
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512 votes
15 answers

Using Caps Lock as Esc in Mac OS X

How do I make Caps Lock work like Esc in Mac OS X?
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509 votes
11 answers

How to get the list of all installed color schemes in Vim?

Is there a way to get a list of all installed color schemes in Vim? That would make very easy to select one without looking at the .vim directory.
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503 votes
14 answers

How to insert text at beginning of a multi-line selection in vi/Vim

In Vim, how do I insert characters at the beginning of each line in a selection? For instance, I want to comment out a block of code by prepending // at the beginning of each line assuming my ...
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502 votes
16 answers

Move cursor to end of file in vim

When I want the cursor to go to the end of the file (i.e. the end of the last line) in Vim, I have to type six keystrokes: <ESC>G$a - which translates to ESC + Shiftg + Shift4 + a on my ...
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485 votes
15 answers

Vim and Ctags tips and tricks [closed]

I have just installed Ctags (to help with C++ development) with my Vim (or rather gVim), and would like to find out your favorite commands, macros, shortcuts, tips that go along with it... Share your ...
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465 votes
34 answers

What are the benefits of learning Vim? [closed]

As a programmer I spend a lot of hours at the keyboard and I've been doing it for the last 12 years, more or less. If there's something I've never gotten used to during all this time, it's these ...
463 votes
23 answers

Renaming the current file in Vim

How should I rename my current file in Vim? For example: I am editing person.html_erb_spec.rb I would like it renamed to person.haml_spec.rb I would like to continue editing person.haml_spec.rb How ...
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455 votes
12 answers

Replace tabs with spaces in vim

I would like to convert tab to spaces in gVim. I added the following line to my _vimrc: set tabstop=2 It works to stop at two spaces but it still looks like one tab key is inserted (I tried to use ...'s user avatar
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449 votes
15 answers

Vim: insert the same characters across multiple lines

Sometimes I want to edit a certain visual block of text across multiple lines. For example, I would take a text that looks like this: name comment phone email And make it look like this ...
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