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wechaty fileBox.toFile raise exception 'uncaughtException Error: The stream is not readable. Maybe has already been consumed, and now it was drained

I am trying to save image if wechat receive an image. Following is my code: async function onMessage(msg: Message) { if (msg.type() === bot.Message.Type.Image) { const fileBox = await msg....
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WatchdogAgent reset: lastFood: "{"data":"heartbeat@browserbridge ding","timeoutMilliseconds":60000}"

I am making a wechat rebot base on wechaty package. However, if nothing is done for a while, it will happen. How to fixed it? WARN PuppetWatchdogAgent start() reset() reason: {"data":"...
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Wechaty Error: WatchdogAgent reset: lastFood

This error is that when I am using the WeChat robot WeChat package and there is no message for a period of time, sending a message again will trigger WARN PuppetWatchdogAgent start() reset() reason: {&...
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React import problem, 'Module not found: Can't resolve' while import package wechaty

I'm new to nodejs and react. In my project, I use a package "wechaty". And it works fine when my project is a pure nodejs. Then when I try to integrate "wechaty" with react, it ...
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Wechaty-padlocal Python ding-dong-bot example only responses when rerun

I am trying Wechaty-Padlocal with ding-dong-bot example from """doc""" # pylint: disable=...
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Wechaty: possible to re-trigger login on logout event?

I switched to wechaty padplus puppet from the wechaty-puppet-puppeteer and found it stops more often than wechaty-puppet-puppeteer. I.e., wechaty-puppet-puppeteer normally stays up 10 times longer ...
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Can I customize Wechaty UrlLink title

Wechaty is a Bot SDK for Wechat Individual Account which can help you create a bot in 6 lines of javascript, with cross-platform support including Linux, Windows, Darwin(OSX/Mac) and Docker. see: ...
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