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an API for dictionary and thesaurus data, plus other information about English words, based on multiple dictionary resources (including the Century Dictionary, the American Heritage Dictionary, WordNet, and GCIDE) and a corpus of billions of words

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Dynamically received <xref> tags, how to make use of them?

So I've been messing around with the Wordnik API, getting definitions from it and displaying them in a <h2> tag in the browser. This has all not been a problem, and my (honestly, crude) code can ...
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Migrating from Swagger 1 to version 3

Working on some legacy code. So I'm trying to upgrade from wordnik libary to swagger v3. <!-- Swagger writers --> <bean id="resourceWriter" class="com.wordnik.swagger.jaxrs....
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Search Wordnik API by topic?

When I use the relatedWords API endpoint, I see the word "flower" has_topic "Home & Garden". But I can't quite figure out how to use the API query just this topic. How can I find out what else is ...
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Is there any way to use the wordnik API for a desktop app without server-side access?

I am writing a desktop app using PyQt5 which uses the Wordnik API to get word definitions. I do not have server-side access, nor do I wish to invest in acquiring it. Is there any way I can reliably ...
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Wordnik api. Allow request from only one domain

I am using wordnik api from client side. And, as a protection of api key, i want to only allow my website(domain) to send request with that api key. For example, in Firebase, we can control which ip ...
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Implementing a request URL into an imported cocapod that uses WordNik API

I'm making a swift app in Xcode that makes use of a cocapod called HNKWordLookup (originally written in objective c). This pod uses the WordNik API to return a random word. My only issue is that a lot ...
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How to make wordnik api stop throwing exceeded access limits error

I am trying to use the Wordnik API for a project in JS. When playing around with the API I think I made to many requests and now I get "exceeded access limits" error whenever I make a ...
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How to read object of jsonp type

I got this HTML file to fire a GET request to the random word API (wordnik) server. It returns with something like this: [{"id":2998982,"word":"failproof"}] I only want the "word" part but don't ...
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Extract text from a Wordnik API URL in Google Sheets

Can anyone explain how to import/extract a particular field from the following url into Google Sheets: Wordnik URL I'm guessing there is an IMPORTXML query that could do it, but it doesn't have the ...
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Wordnik "Trying to get property of non-object" Error when trying getDefinitions

I'm trying to use the Wordnik PHP API and I'm having some trouble. I tried to use the getDefinitions method but it returns an error: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\...
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Dictionary API used for stressed syllables

This might end up being a very general question, but hopefully it will be useful to others as well. I want to be able to request a word that is x number of syllables with a stress on x.[y] syllable. ...
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Call Wordnik API from NodeJS using Swagger

I am having problems trying to use the Wordnik API via Swagger (NodeJS). I am trying to follow this documentation: swagger-api The Wordnik API can be founded here: h
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Jax-rs Swagger integration - fetching resource list: http://localhost:8080/JAXRS-Example/rest/api-docs

I am trying to integrate JAX-RS and Swagger together. While doing that I see following error is coming. After spending a lots of hours still I am not able to resolve it. Looking quick help from your ...
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SpringFox not finding jax-rs endpoints

After solving Using Springfox to document jax-rs services in a Spring app, I now find that SpringFox's JSON reply doesn't show any APIs: { "swagger": "2.0", "info": { "description": "Some ...
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Fatal error: Call to undefined method with Wordnik API

Not sure if this is an Wordnik API issue or just a php error on my part. Here is my current code: require('./wordnik/Swagger.php'); require('./wordnik/WordsApi.php'); $myAPIKey = '...
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How to get random word using Wordnik API in Javascript?

I am trying to create a hangman game using HTML and Javascript and to get the word I was wondering how I might be able to get a random word using the wordnik API. I do not understand how to get the ...
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What is 'Minimum corpus frequency for terms' in Wordnik API?

When requesting for words using Wordnik API, you can specify minimum and maximum corpus frequency.!/words/search_words What exactly is corpus frequency in this ...
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wordnik-php api not connecting

I am learning php and I have learned only the basics. I am trying to connect to wordnik using their php apis (Wordnik.php), I created the following: <?php require_once("Wordnik.php"); $api_key="...
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Wordnik API Pointers

I would like to use the Wordnik API for my site but I am a bit confused as I am new to the world of API's and implementing them. I do not have server side access and from what I can tell to use ...
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example of usage for wordnik

Does anyone have an example in Objective C that uses the wordnik apis? The repo on Git hub offers a set of classes with pretty much no explanation of how to put together the pieces (rather than what ...
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