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an open-source statistical scientific package based on the XLISP language. It includes a variety of statistical functions and methods, including routines for nonlinear curve fit.

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I need help getting Lisp-Stat to load on Mac OS X

I am running macOS Ventura 13.4 (22F66) on a Mac mini M1 built in 2020 using SBCL 2.2.9 running in the REPL in Terminal. I tried to load Lisp-Stat with (ql:quickload :lisp-stat) which then tried to ...
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Circularity detected when running (vega:load-vega-examples)

When I load the vega-lite data sets using (vega:load-vega-examples) I get the following error: Could not REQUIRE CL-DATE-TIME-PARSER: circularity detected. Please check your configuration However, the ...
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standard-deviation function returns error in Lisp-Stat

I'm a complete newbie to Lisp-Stat, and I started working through the tutorial at, but when I type (standard-deviation purchases) (with purchases defined as ...
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Is there a simple equivalent to R's rbind in lisp-stat?

Basically the title. I need to parse a lot of CSVs into a dataframe, then shove them into a sql database. I've already written the relevant parsing code for a single data frame, and there's plenty of ...
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Why doesn't Lisp-Stat load with quicklisp under MacOS?

I'm relatively new to Common Lisp and Lisp-Stat. But I wanted to try it out and play around with it in my empirical social research. Unfortunately installing LISP-Stat fails at building. My Setup SBCL ...
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how to overwrite (defun eval (expr)) function in LISP

I am new to LISP programming and it is the end of semester and our teacher asked us to do this project and I have been trying to make it but I am stuck so any help would be appreciated. the Project is ...
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Install and use LISP on Mac

I've read many topics regarding this issue, but couldn't get it to an end. I want to be able to code in LISP on Mac, using Emacs and XLispStat. So far, I've installed Emacs with HomeBrew but I got ...
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