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How Does Stackoverflow Work? (The Unofficial FAQ)

Sure, you could just search the stackoverflow tag or the sofaq tag, but the information out there tends to get dated or duplicated (or removed), and is difficult to find. Welcome to the (Un) official stackoverflow community FAQ.

###How is reputation calculated?

  • Answers marked "accepted": +15 (and +2 to the question owner)
  • Voted "helpful": +10
  • Voted "not helpful": -2 (and -1 to the voter)
  • Flagged as "offensive": -100 to owner of the current revision, but only after 5 offensive flags.
  • All new accounts start out with a default reputation of 1.
  • Reputation can never be lower than 1.
  • The maximum amount of rep that can be gained per day is +200

###What reputation do I need to gain new abilities?

  • +15 to upvote
  • +15 to mark offensive
  • +15 to post images
  • +50 to add comments to a post
  • +100 to downvote
  • +250 to close your own questions
  • +500 to retag others questions
  • +750 to edit community 'wiki editable' posts
  • +2000 to edit others questions and answers
  • +2000 to delete comments from a post
  • +2000 to view offensive counts
  • +3000 to close a question
  • +4000 to lock a post (not implemented yet, but coming)

###Vote Limits

  • Maximum 30 votes per day per user (up or down)
  • Maximum 5 offensive votes per day per user

###Can badges be lost?

  • Yes, if the post they were based on is deleted.
  • Badges can be revoked if they were obtained by cheating.

###Why isn't XYZ Badge working?

The following badges are not implemented

  1. Librarian
  • Beta

The following badges are expected but may not be implemented yet:

  1. Generalist
  • Necromancer
  • Specialist
  • Speedy
  • Yearling

So far unimplemented badges have been awarded retroactively when the badges were implemented.

###In a badge listing, why are some people listed multiple times?

The following badges can be awarded multiple times, and will cause one listing for each time the badge is awarded:

  • Enlightened
  • Famous Question
  • Good Answer
  • Good Question
  • Great Answer
  • Great Question
  • Guru
  • Nice Answer
  • Nice Question
  • Notable Question
  • Popular Question
  • Self-Learner

###Accepting Answers

  • You may accept any answer on questions you asked as the 'accepted' best answer.
  • Only one answer at a time can be the 'accepted' answer.
  • You may change which answer is accepted, or simply un-accept the answer, at any time.
  • So long as any answer to your question is marked "accepted" you will gain +2 reputation.
  • You cannot accept your own answer to a question.

###What do the colors mean?

  • Answer is highlighted in "Grey/Blue": Answer is by the author of the question.
  • Answer is highlighted in "Green": Chosen as the "Accepted Answer"
  • Answer is not highlighted (White): A regular answer.
  • Number highlighted in "Yellow" on the questions index: An answer to this question has been chosen as the "Accepted Answer"
  • Blue highlighted stat text on the question: It's a bug (in Firefox).
  • Answer is highlighted in Purple if it has been deleted.

###Post locking

  • Locked posts cannot be edited or voted upon.
  • Locked posts do not accept comments.
  • Locking is not the same as closing a question (see below).

###Question closing

  • A "closed" question means no additional answers can be added.
  • The question can still be edited.
  • The question can be re-opened (if you have the reputation required to do so).
  • Closing a question is not the same as locking a post. (see above).
  • When closing a question, you much provide a reason for the action. The choices are:
    • exact duplicate
    • not programming related
    • subjective and argumentative
    • not a real question
    • blatantly offensive
    • no longer relevant
    • too localized
    • spam

###Post Deletion

  • There are three ways posts can be deleted:
  1. You can delete your own post
  2. Moderators can delete your post
  3. The post reaches the 5-vote offensive threshold and is deleted
  • Posts aren't physically deleted -- just hidden. (aka soft delete)
  • Reputation gained from a deleted post will be lost when rep is recalculated. Rep recalculation is a manual process at the moment.
  • Reputation lost from a deleted post is not returned.
  • Moderators can see deleted posts and undelete them.
  • Owners of deleted answers can see their deleted answers.
  • Owners of deleted questions cannot see their deleted questions (unless they happen to be moderators).
  • You must register to be able to delete your own posts.
  • Tagging a question "stackoverflow" puts your question at high risk for deletion by a moderator. Please use Stack Overflow to discuss programming questions, not Stack Overflow.
  • Deleting a question cascade deletes all answers and comments associated with it.
  • Deleting an answer cascade deletes all comments associated with it.

###When should I flag offensive?

Only in the following cases:

  • Hate speech
  • Spam
  • Abusive Language

Offensive is meant to mean evil. If you think a post is a duplicate, or inappropriate, or off-topic, or dumb, or bad in some other way, just down-vote it.

###What does 'offensive' do?

  • Posts with 3 offensive flags are banished from the front page.
  • Posts with 5 offensive flags are deleted, and give -100 reputation to the first revision owner.
  • Offensive votes are also counted as downvotes for the purposes of post scoring.
  • If you flag a post as offensive, you won't see the offensive count no matter how much reputation you have.

###How to search with multiple tags

###Is there a standard for tag names?

  • Do not re-tag a question if you are not going to add valuable information by doing it.
  • Do not re-tag only to change the format of the tag (ie: stackoverflow -> stack-overflow). This is done automatically by the community user.
  • Don't use the "duplicate" tag, please.

###Is there a convention for editing?

###What are Community Posts?

  • Once a question or answer has been edited by four different people (body edits only; tag and title edits do not count), it enters community post mode.
  • Once a question or answer has been edited more than five times by the original owner, it enters community post mode.
  • in this mode, voting does not change reputation for the voter or the asker; however, badges can still be awarded based the post.
  • the original owner of the post still keeps any reputation or post badges earned before the post entered "community mode"
  • questions or answers that have become community posts have a much lower rep editing threshold than regular questions or answers.
  • it is possible to opt in to community post mode at the time you ask a question by checking the box that reads "community owned wiki" underneath the text entry box.
  • it is not possible to reclaim your post back from community mode to prevent exploits and gaming.
  • rollbacks do not reverse any community mode calculations
  • If a question generates more than 30 answers, all posts in that question become Community Posts and all future answers will be Community Posts.

###Who is the Community User?

  • An automated user agent, not a real person.
  • Does automatic cleanup tasks, like tag tuning
  • Owns community posts.

User Page

  • "last seen" is the last time that user loaded a page on Stack Overflow. It currently has a resolution of approximately 30 minutes.

Question Threads

  • In StackOverflow there are no threads, just answers direct to the question. If you wish to reply to an answer you should use the following syntax:


(must be at the beginning of a line, either by itself, or followed by the : - or , characters) This will automatically hyperlink your response to the last answer by the person matching that name. The comparison is "string-begins-with" and there can be multiple similar names, so be careful.

###What are comments?

  • Comments are meant to contain meta discussions about a question/answer (ie: discussions about the question/answer itself instead of the question topic).
  • Comments require 50 rep. Exception: you can leave comments on your own posts, or questions you own, even with 1 rep.
  • Comments can be deleted by the comment owner, moderators, or users with +2000 rep.
  • Comments are also deleted when their associated post is deleted.
  • Comments cannot be edited, only deleted and resubmitted.
  • No markup of any kind is supported in comments, however, URLs will be auto hyperlinked.

###Can I answer my own question? What if it's not really a question?

  • Yes! It's even encouraged.
  • Do phrase your issue in the form of question / answer. Pretend you're on Jeopardy.
  • It's best to actually submit an answer, rather than just answering in the question itself. This allows the answer to be voted on and evaluated fairly against other people's answers. It also keeps your question from showing up in the "unanswered questions" list when it really has an answer.

###Posting/Editing times

  • You can post a second comment after 30 seconds of the first one.
  • If you edit multiple times within a time frame, the system detects it and asks for a captcha to prevent automatic posting/editing.

###If you see a standard emerging, please summarize it here.*

###If you want additional help...

The un-official stackoverflow IRC channel is #stackoverflow on irc.freenode.net

###What 3rd Party Tools Exist for StackOverflow?

Note: These are NOT official apps, and are NOT officially sanctioned or supported.

Additional scripts can be found on Userscripts.org by searching for "Stack Overflow."

The use of the so-browser-enhancement tag is encouraged for scripts, plug-ins, and add-ons that are posted to Stackoverflow.

###The font in the text edit box is way too small when using Google Chrome Increase the monospace font size by clicking on the wrench > Options > Minor Tweaks > Fonts and Languages and change the fixed width font to a larger size.

###What do you call someone that frequents StackOverflow?

A Stacker, of course!

###What is the average age of a Stacker?

As of September 16, 2008, the average age of Stackers that chose to put their age in their profile is 30.1.

##Unanswered Questions

If you know the answer to any of these unanswered questions, please provide it below.

  • How can you link an OpenID account to a cookie based account?
  • How often are badges awarded? (i.e., how often does the badge awarding task trigger)

##How can I help?

  • If you have edit powers, add your hints directly to this question, where all the information will be compiled.
  • If you can't edit yet, add your suggestions as answers to this question.
  • If you have a new unanswered question that isn't addressed here, add it below (it should be a question of HOW the site does XYZ, where XYZ is something that it already does - no feature requests)
  • Link other posts out there asking "how stackoverflow does X" to this question.
  • If your name is Jeff Atwood, remember to update this question when the rules change.
  • Please do not retag this post as 'stackoverflow'. Jeff is the one who changed it to 'sofaq' the official tag for stackoverflow faqs.
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