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python - random access gzipped file

According to this FAQ on zlib.net it is possible to:

access data randomly in a compressed stream

Does a module exist for Python for random access of indexed gzipped files (and indexing of gzipped files)? I know about the module Bio.bgzf of Biopyton 1.60, which:

supports reading and writing BGZF files (Blocked GNU Zip Format), a variant of GZIP with efficient random access, most commonly used as part of the BAM file format and in tabix. This uses Python’s zlib library internally, and provides a simple interface like Python’s gzip library.

But I am looking for a Python module, which will allow me to do random access on gzipped files. Does it exist? Basically I want something, which emulates the code below, but does it fast.

import gzip
large_integer_new_line_start = 10**9
with gzip.open('large_file.gz','rt') as f: