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Unexplained syntax error with logical OR ( || )

I'm working With NetBeans for MAC, and I'm running CakePHP (though I don't think the framework has anything to do with it) in a shared hosting in Linux. This is not a big issue, but it is frustrating.

I wonder why I can't simply do this:

if($this->Session->read('User.value1') || $this->Session->read('User.value2')){

The error message I get is:

Error: syntax error, unexpected '$this' (T_VARIABLE)

Why is there a syntax error? I can't see it.

I can do this with no problems:


I can also do this with no problems (stripping the whitespace):


But not by putting spaces around the || operator. Or rather, and this is the most confusing part, sometimes I can't put spaces around the || operator.

I'm thinking it may be a bug in Netbeans 7.4, but when NetBeans gives a warning and I ignore it then the PHP send the error.

So: What is happening here?