5 of 5 Undo previous editor's incorrect correction; added some extra text so it's clear that command mode is not the same as normal mode.

The Control+R mechanism is very useful :-) In either insert mode or command mode (i.e. on the : line when typing commands), continue with a numbered or named register:

  • a - z the named registers
  • " the unnamed register, containing the text of the last delete or yank
  • % the current file name
  • # the alternate file name
  • * the clipboard contents (X11: primary selection)
  • + the clipboard contents
  • / the last search pattern
  • : the last command-line
  • . the last inserted text
  • - the last small (less than a line) delete
  • =5*5 insert 25 into text (mini-calculator)

See :help i_CTRL-R and :help c_CTRL-R for more details, and snoop around nearby for more CTRL-R goodness.