2 of 2 The solution is to add the project's path to sys.path when calling a module directly from within its package directory.

importing a package from within another package in python

Please assume the following project structure:


I would like to get access to the module fileChecker.py from within the module fileHash.py. This is some kind of global package.

One way is to append paths to sys.path. [Is this PYTHONPATH by the way?]

What would be a solution when distributing the project?

  • Same as above? --> But then there could be paths to modules with the same name in PYTHONPATH?
  • Is setuptools doing all the work?

How can I achieve it in a nice and clean way?

Thanks alot.


Also see my answer below --> when calling fileHash.py (including an import like from files import fileChecker) directly from within its package directory, the project's path needs to be added to sys.path (described below).

Test cases situated within /test (see structure above) also need the path added to sys.path, when called from within /test.