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Why can't Mono support generic interface instantiation with AOT?

The Mono documentation has a code example about full AOT not supporting generic interface instantiation:

interface IFoo<T> {
    void SomeMethod();

It says:

Since Mono has no way of determining from the static analysis what method will implement the interface IFoo<int>.SomeMethod this particular pattern is not supported."

So I think the compiler can't work with this method under type inference. But I still can't understand the underlying reason about the full AOT limitation.

There is still a similar problem with the Unity AOT script restrictions. In the following code:

using UnityEngine;
using System;

public class AOTProblemExample : MonoBehaviour, IReceiver 
    public enum AnyEnum {

    void Start() {
        // Subtle trigger: The type of manager *must* be
        // IManager, not Manager, to trigger the AOT problem.
        IManager manager = new Manager();
        manager.SendMessage(this, AnyEnum.Zero);

    public void OnMessage<T>(T value) {
        Debug.LogFormat("Message value: {0}", value);

public class Manager : IManager {
    public void SendMessage<T>(IReceiver target, T value) {

public interface IReceiver {
    void OnMessage<T>(T value);

public interface IManager {
    void SendMessage<T>(IReceiver target, T value);

I am confused by this:

The AOT compiler does not realize that it should generate code for the generic method OnMessage with a T of AnyEnum, so it blissfully continues, skipping this method. When that method is called, and the runtime can’t find the proper code to execute, it gives up with this error message.

Why does the AOT not know the type when the JIT can infer the type? Can anyone offer a detailed answer?