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PHP error: Expected different insert

I have a php code that inserts data into the database. When I echo the table it has inserted the id instead of the category which is in the dropdownlist.

The PHP code for the dropdown is:

<select name='category' id=category class="text">
     <option value='' name='option' selected>Select one</option>
   require "config.php";// connection to database 
   $sql="select * from category ORDER BY `cat_id` ASC"; // Query to collect data 

   foreach ($dbo->query($sql) as $row) {
   echo "<option value=$row[cat_id]>$row[category]</option>";

The PHP Code for inserting values is:

    $for= $_GET['category']; //Take the value.
    $request= $_GET['option']; //Take the value.

 myquery="INSERT INTO request (`request for category`, `request`) VALUES ('$for','$request')";
 $query = mysql_query($myquery);

Thanks in advance.