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Counting occurrences of tuples

I have a list of (token, tag) tuples that looks like the following:

 token_tags =  
 [('book', 'noun'),
 ('run', 'noun'),
 (',', ','),
 ('book', 'verb'),
 ('run', 'adj'),
 ('run', 'verb')]

I am trying to find out how many times a token was first tagged as a 'noun' then as a 'verb' in its following appearance in the list. So, I should not count 'run' because it was tagged as an adjective between its 'noun' and 'verb' assignment. Any suggestions on how to do that?

I have converted the tuple into a dict as follows

d = {}
for x, y in token_tags:
d.setdefault(x, []).append(y)

So, now d contains:

 {'book': ['noun', 'verb'], 'run': ['noun', 'adj', 'verb'], ',': [',']}

I have tried regular expresion to solve this but did not work.