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Haskell is a great imperative language, and writing programs that can re-assign state is a really fun advanced topic! This is definitely not the approach you want right now, but come back to it some day 🙂

It takes a bit of effort to define an environment that models global mutable variables. Once you get the hang of it, though, the precision of the types ends up being pretty handy.

We're going to be using the lens and mtl libraries.

{-# LANGUAGE TemplateHaskell #-}

import Control.Lens
import Control.Monad.State

As we all know, elephants are integers.

type Elephant = Integer

You wanted a program whose global mutable state has an elephant. So first let's define what it means to have an elephant. Lens captures this notion nicely.

class HasElephant a 
    elephant :: Lens' a Elephant

Now we can define function, which assigns a new value to elephant.

function :: (MonadState s m, HasElephant s) => Elephant -> m ()
function x =
    elephant .= x

The constraints MonadState s m and HasElephant s are saying our program must be able to hold mutable state of some type s, and the type s must have an elephant.

Let's also define a program that prints the elephant.

printElephant :: (MonadState s m, HasElephant s, MonadIO m) => m ()
printElephant =
    use elephant >>= (liftIO . print)

This program does I/O (printing), so we have an additional constraint MonadIO m that says our program type m must be able to do I/O.

The African forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) is a forest-dwelling species of elephant found in the Congo Basin.

data Congo = Congo 
    { _congoElephant :: Elephant
makeLenses ''Congo

We must define the way in which the Congo has an elephant.

instance HasElephant Congo
    elephant = congoElephant

Now we can write an example program. Our program will print the value of elephant, then change the value of elephant, then print it again.

main' :: StateT Congo IO ()
main' =
    function 2

Then we can run this program.

main :: IO ()
main = Congo 0 & runStateT main' & void

The output is:

Chris Martin
  • 30.2k
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