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Well if you look at the rest of the error message (I don't know why people keep reading and quoting only parts of error messages and not the whole thing), it seems the Chromium team has put together a design document that's dedicated to passworded forms.

My guess is that since passworded forms tend to transmit sensitive information (namely, a password), any errors in passworded forms should be brought to the developer's attention immediately. The design document itself even re-states the unique ID rule:

Web browsers are designed with the HTML specification in mind, and going against it can lead to unexpected issues with your web page. This means:

Element id attributes should be unique: no two elements should have the same id.

(Why that rule is the only one that's there is anyone's guess; it certainly looks like they intend to add more in the future, but it's still strange that they'd put out a document with just this one rule and call it good.)

There does not appear to be a way to disable this message, but since it doesn't prevent the page from working, if you're unable to correct the non-unique IDs yourself the only option seems to be to ignore it.