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reduce with union runs slowly and slowly in spqrk

I try to sample the traning sets with each category,and then uion all samples together.This is my code:

def balanceCategory(dataSet: DataFrame): DataFrame = {

  val samples = LabelConf.categorys.map { category =>

    val tmpDataSet = dataSet.filter(col("category_id") === category)
    val sample = underSample(tmpDataSet, category)
  val res = samples.reduce((x, y) => x.unionAll(y)).distinct()

def underSample(dataSet: DataFrame, cardID: String): DataFrame = {

val positiveSample = dataSet.filter(col("label") > 0.5).sample(false, 0.1)
val negativeSample = dataSet.filter(col("label") < 0.5).sample(false, 0.1)

val res = positiveSample.unionAll(negativeSample).distinct()


But the code blocked in samples.reduce((x, y) => x.unionAll(y)).distinct(), and it runs slowly and slowly, and even cannot run any more.It confused me a long time.Who can help me? Than you!