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How to get the UI lable name back using selenium webdriver

BetaCarbon Reduction

I have above html for my webUI, i am trying to read the all the fields inside (id="param-list") and get the Name which are Beta and Carbon Reduction and also the data for "data-tooltip". Below is what i am trying to do, but i am not able to get it back.

   public static List<string> GetFieldsName()
            List<string> expected = new List<string>();
            IWebElement elament = driver.FindElement(container);  //container = By.Id("param-list");
            IList<IWebElement> fieldNames = elament.FindElements(FiledName); //By.ClassName("field");
            foreach (IWebElement fieldname in fieldNames)
                IList<IWebElement> names = fieldname.FindElements(Inputlable); //By.ClassName("input");
                foreach (var name in names)

            return expected;

when i do this all i get back is NULL and not sure how to select Name which is Beta and Carbon from above Html