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I don't know how to make this function

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I am writing a function called Evaluate in C++. It accepts three arrays as parameters:

double Evaluate (double inputs[], double hidden[], double outputs[]) {
    // To-Do...

The problem appears in this scenario:

The programmer decides to initialize the function Evaluate with only two parameters: inputs[] and outputs.

So, I was thinking of creating Evaluate like this:

double Evaluate (double inputs[], double hidden[] = {}, double outputs[]) {
    // To-Do...

But, this creates strange Errors:

  In function 'double Evaluate (double*, double*, double*)'
34:53: error: unexpected '{' token
34:54: error: unexpected '}' token

Is there a solution?

*Thanks in advance.

Updated question

I have managed to use my answer with the help in the comments.

I am currently curious, won't multiple function overloads cause the program to get slower?