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Protect OData API calls from data spoofing from inside by internal user

A question regarding securitizing OData API calls in the SAPUI5 application.

In the legacy system, once a user successfully passed an authorization, it is possible to send a request with a User ID and desired data directly from a client-side to OData API without any additional security check on a server side.

My concern is that any authorized user in the system can behave as a trojan, theoretically spoofing his-own User ID and performing some actions under the name of another user. As mitigation mean, there is an option to encapsulate an OData API from a client-side by introducing a server-side wrapper, which will perform a sender authentication before forwarding request to the OData API.

The question is if there are already some out-of-box approaches in SAPUI5 platform to secure the use of OData API, to ensure that the request sender can't fake a User ID and do something in a system under another name.