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Converting key=value pairs back into Python dicts

There's a logfile with text in the form of space-separated key=value pairs, and each line was originally serialized from data in a Python dict, something like:

' '.join([f'{k}={v!r}' for k,v in d.items()])`

The keys are always just strings. The values could be anything that ast.literal_eval can successfully parse, no more no less.

How to process this logfile and turn the lines back into Python dicts? Example:

>>> to_dict("key='hello world'")
{'key': 'hello world'},

>>> to_dict("k1='v1' k2='v2'")
{'k1': 'v1', 'k2': 'v2'},

>>> to_dict("s='1234' n=1234")
{'s': '1234', 'n': 1234},

>>> to_dict("""k4='k5="hello"' k5={'k6': ['potato']}""")
{'k4': 'k5="hello"', 'k5': {'k6': ['potato']}}

You may assume:

  • Keys are valid names
  • Input lines are well-formed (e.g. no dangling brackets)
  • The data is trusted (unsafe functions such as eval, exec, yaml.load are OK to use)
  • Order is not important. Performance is not important. Correctness is important.