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Spark Streaming and KStreams in one pic from stream processing point of view.

Spark and KStreams

Highlighted the significant advantages/selling points of Spark Streaming and KStreams here to make answer short.

Spark Streaming Advantages over KStreams:

  1. Easy to integrate Spark ML models in same application without writing data outside of an application which means you will process the much quicker than writing kafka again and process.
  2. Join non streaming sources like files system and other non kafka sources with other stream sources in same application.
  3. Messages with Schema can be easily processed with most favorite SQL (StructuredStreaming).
  4. Possible to do graph analysis over streaming data with GraphX inbuilt library.

KStreams Advantages:

  1. Compact library for ETL processing on messages with rich features. So far, both source and target should be Kafka topic only.
  2. Easy to achieve exactly once semantics.
  3. No separate processing cluster required.
  4. Easy to deploy on docker since it's a plain java application to run.