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Trimming a data entry into a text box in Access automatically after original entry

I have a simple Access database that has image pathways identified by part numbers. Right now people can enter the part number manually but I want them to be able to scan a barcode that enters the part number. Unfortunately, the barcode contains additional content other than the part number.

For example: 79|99999-ID|Lot:9999|Exp:31-June-1999

Should be trimmed down to "99999-ID".

Option Explicit  
Private Sub BTN_Search_Click()  
Dim SQL As String  
    & "From Query65 " _  
    & "WHERE [ITEM_NUMBER] = '" & Me.txtPartNumber & "' " _  
    & "ORDER BY Query65.ITEM_NUMBER "  
Me.SubPlannerSubForm.Form.RecordSource = SQL  
End Sub```