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Is there a reason why my ArrayFormula is not working in the other cells of my column?

In a Google sheet with form responses, I made an additional column where I want to look up from each submission if the value left of my new column already occurs in a range on another sheet.
So this is going to be a Vlookup formula finally. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the Vlookup part yet because the ArrayFormula part is not working. I started off by looking to the cell value at the left with this formula, which worked, but the ArrayFormula part of it DOESN'T work.

=ArrayFormula(indirect(ADDRESS(ROW(), COLUMN()-1)))

I know that some functions don't work very well with ArrayFormula, But I don't see any reason here this should not work because it's only looking to its row and its column.

I hope the image shows the problem well enough

Snippet from screen


Thanks to the contribution of JPV I think I got it working :-) The formula below is with a lot of things added, but the core of the formula is based on the input of JPV and allows the ArrayFormula function to execute and that's a big problem solved now.

=arrayformula(if(row(A20:A)=20,"EMAIL SENT",
          Vlookup(offset(A19, 1, column()-2, rows(A21:A)),PriorJobs!C2:C,1,false))))

working formula